Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Willa is ONE!

As if Avery starting school was big enough, our Willa turned ONE the following weekend! Willlllly!

I had big plans for her first birthday party (which was supposed to be over Labor Day weekend). However, Willa & I came down with a yucky stomach bug. We rescheduled the party on her actual birthday but unfortunately the date didn't work for everyone. So we kind of just went with it and called it good. She was dealing with a yucky cold so our birthday cake and present opening was postponed due to much needed 4 hour nap. Poor girl! Kind of got the shaft this year - which means next year will be big and grand! :) 

The weather on her actual birthday was amazing so we ended up spending the evening walking around Chalco and playing on the nature playground. At this point, Willa was on the verge of walking so she loved exploring the playground and watching everything Avery did.

A few things to note about this sweet Willa girl - when she is excited or happy she kicks her right leg as fast as possible, she still thinks mom is the cat's meow, has 6 teeth!, her hair is starting to get curly!, absolutely LOVES to dance (even with the tiniest bit of music she starts swaying that body), is learning new words all the time, has some real stranger danger :( and still gives a very serious face to those people she is unsure about.

We have had so much fun watching her grow this past year! She has been the perfect little addition to our family. As i'm writing this, I am thinking of all the new things she has learned in just a month (her actual birthday was September 11th). We love you so much!