Monday, September 12, 2016

It (was) August

I'm slacking on my blog posts! I wrote this sometime in August...

As we wrap up the end of summer, I thought I'd share some more photos of what we've been up to. It's bittersweet knowing summer is coming to an end. However, we have lots of exciting things to look forward to come September!

Greg & I were able to enjoy a couple kid-free nights while the girls stayed in Lincoln with my parents!

Soaring Wings!

Happy 1st Birthday to our favorite Jude boy!

Because Harry Potter flippin' rocks and snapchat had this amazing filter one Sunday!

Avery got her face painted before the Nebraska Epilepsy Walk!

We've had some beautiful, cool evenings this August. Such a nice break from the humidity. An evening walk around the 'hood is often how we end the day. With Avery new found love of riding her bike, we get around much quicker ;)

Rainy Sundays = a trip to Barnes & Noble. Avery found a book about going to school and Willa picked out some first birthday gift ideas!

Second dentist appointment for Avery. Dr Dana told her about flossing and she's been all about it. 

Baby girl is 11 months! Perfect addition to our family!

I know I've said it before but this girl loves to eat! My kind of girl!

Open House for Pre-K. Avery was excited she found Mary outside :)

5th Annual JDRF walk, first time it's ever been chilly!

Celebrating Traci's 30th! Small town bars + party bus = fun times!

Greg is my biggest supporter! Love him! Made it to my goal of one year!

Dinner Club went camping!

This lil gal is determined!

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