Wednesday, July 27, 2016

June & July Stuff

June & July have flown by with so many fun things going on. Here's what we've been up to!

  • Greg's company outing at Sokol Park. Lots of fun activities for all, including miniature golf!
  • Willa really got in to eating table food. Still has baby food but loves eating what we have. She is an amazing eater and we joke with Avery that we think little sis has a bigger appetite :)
  • We celebrated our 5-year wedding anniversary! Lunch at Blue and a stroll around the Magnolia (to reminisce) were a great way to spend the day. 
  • Attempted the Taco Ride - first time in 2 years...100 degree-day plus being out of shape was a bad combo for our group.
  • Celebrated my BFF turning 30! Yay Sara!
  • Taken multiple trips to the zoo. Avery's favorite parts include: kingdom of the night and the baby elephants.

  • Annual Shanle family reunion. Didn't know about 75% of the people there but it was a fun little road trip with the family
  • Avery participated in a Pre-K camp at Prairie Life with a little friend. She had so much fun. We learned two things from the camp 1) she is totally ready for Pre-K come this fall and 2) the girl still needs a little afternoon nap (good thing class is in the morning)
  • Willa has 4 teeth coming in, currently is waving, pointing with her index finger, trying to say 'sis', says 'ya' to everything and loves hugging her baby dolls. This little lady is growing way too fast!
  • We've spent countless hours swimming this summer. An hour after work, a weekend evening after yard work (with Uncle Maddios after), crashing a friends pool or before nap time - we are loving our time splashing and soaking up the sun. These girls are seriously so much fun!

A golfer may be in her future?

Grilled cheese! Yum!

Taking sis for a spin..!

Sometimes Mom sneaks over to the pool over her lunch break and lays out ;)

Taco Ride! Sweatyyyyy

Day Date in the Old Market!

I'm 9 Months Old and no longer want to lay for more than 2 seconds!

Mimi watched the girls the entire time we were in Jamaica. She's the best!

Happy 30th, Sara! 1912's rooftop was amazing!

High school Girls :)

Avery was trying to bribe Willa to take a selfie by luring her with food...

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