Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summer has begun!

It's here! The long awaited warm weather! I took Willa to the pool twice this past weekend. She did great, splashed and squealed to herself while she briefly played with her toys. She had more fun standing up against the side of the zero-entry level kiddie area. After an hour of sun, she crashed. It reminded me of last summer when Avery and I would spend countless hours swimming. She was exhausted. Heck, I was exhausted! I love that feeling of enjoying yourself so much that you loose track of time. I look forward to many more memories that will be made this summer. (Ps - avery did not get to swim this weekend because she was enjoying a daddy/daughter getaway to Tulsa)

Play dough outside is FUN! And guess who's waiting for any extra clumps to fall on the driveway? ;)

New favorite snack - graham crackers. 

Loving mom's summer wear. Who's going to break it to this munchkin that she can't go to Jamaica with Mommy and Daddy in a couple of weeks?

Safety break

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