Tuesday, May 24, 2016

We're still here!

It's me again! I knew after having a second baby that life would get chaotic. But I had no idea that I'd be wishing for more hours in each day! The extra hours that I do have outside of work are going to my sweet little family and my home that is continually messy (sorry wood floors, but you also have been neglected...). I am going to try and remember to get to this blog when I can because I really do miss writing about life!

So here is what's been going on these past couple of months in our household: Avery turned 4 in March and is becoming such an inquisitive and bright little lady! The other day she was showing me how to do patterns with different colors and how to add numbers. I am always amazed at how quickly she is able to retain what she learns. This girl has hit a major growth spurt and has made her way to the final toddler pant size (5T)! I about gasped buying 5T clothing at Target. Speaking of growing, we signed Avery up for a MWF preschool class at Mary Our Queen School that will start in the fall! She will be making lots of new friends and learning so many fun things!

Willa is now almost 9 months and this mama is continually having mixed emotions of happy and sad watching baby girl grow. It's so exciting to see her do new things but sad that time is really going by so fast. It's been a busy last couple of months for Willa girl. She is now crawling, waving, eating big girl food like crazy and pulling herself up onto things and getting in to everything - including  our shoe bin and sissy's toys, which has been interesting. She is a total mama's girl and has to know where I am at all times. We joke that i have to stay in another room sometimes because if she sees me there is no way anyone else can hold her :)

I must say that I am absolutely positively in love with this point in our lives. Let's freeze time and bottle up all of these little moments so I can remember them ALL! Last night I was getting dinner ready and Willa needed to eat her baby food. Avery insisted on helping feed little sis so I cooked as she fed. It was the sweetest thing - Willa smiled every time Avery got the spoon ready (she LOVES big sis), Avery would get the spoon right in her mouth and then ask 'you want more or all done' using the sign language we're attempting to use. I'm obsessed with these little people that I am lucky enough to call mine. They are happy, they love each other, they love our family - I feel beyond blessed.

What's new for Greg & I? Well, not much! Greg continues to play in his Monday night soccer league. Work has picked up again so he typically comes home wiped out. We are both attempting to get to the gym to tone up before we head to Jamaica in June (nothing like waiting till the last minute, eh?). I was able to get out for a quick girls trip to Des Moines in April and I sure had a blast. I can't remember the last time I was able to get away with just girls. Sometimes, you just need some girl time!

Our month of June will start off with a trip to Tulsa, celebrating Greg and my five-year wedding anniversary, a week long adult trip to Jamaica and an evening dedicated to my best friend's 30th birthday when we return. Bring on summer!

Movie and popcorn in Avery's bed!

The big 4 year old! Who ended up having a double ear infection on her birthday :(

Willa was ready to celebrate St Patty's Day!

Baby Buster's Shower :)

When your oldest daughter is obsessed with Faceswaping on Snapchat....

Kyle's 30th Surprise Party!

Happy Birthday, Uncle Jon! 

Such a good helper at Faraway!

We have officially lowered the crib mattress!

Fun banner I found at Junk Jubilee!

Des Moines with my original roomies!

What our Cinco de Mayo looked like - neighborhood walk while Greg mowed the lawn. Greg made me a margarita to go ;)

Friday night Culver's picnic
Had to document this moment in time - Willa fell asleep for the first time on my shoulder. She NEVER does that! Sweet angel girl. 

Homemade Mother's Day gift from daycare - so special!

Mother's Day at Nanny & Poppy's new house!

Goodbye to our childhood home! Lots of great memories there. 

Guess who is learning to wave and so proud of herself!

Train ride at the zoo!