Thursday, January 21, 2016

avery @ 3.5 years old

(I wrote this back in August...geesh! But thought I should post anyways!)

life with our 3 1/2 year old is all about play, pretend and independence! from the moment avery wakes up to the moment she is in bed, we are always using our imagination! whether it be playing barbies in the backyard to finding a creative way to convince her to wear a pair of shorts (who am I kidding, we never win that battle...)

when i go to pick up avery from daycare, there are days that her hair has been taken out (from what I did earlier in the morning). she takes it out because she wants to be pocahantas and feel the wind through her hair. anyone remember that part in the beginning of the movie when she stands on the cliff and the wind and leaves is blowing through her hair?! just one of the many funny examples of how this girl is totally in the princess phase.

you have gotten so much better about your willingness to try different foods. i think we can thank tam, your daycare lady, for offering fruits/veggies and other things during the day. you ate sugar snap peas the other night and actually liked them! mama did a happy dance! you are obsessed with hot dogs (ew) and claim 'hot dogs are my life'! ha!

your bedtime schedule goes as follows: bath time around 8:30, we play and take our time. lotion, jammies, hair combed, teeth brushes, ear cleaned. story time - sometimes you want to pick out all 2-3 books, other times you let me. sometimes daddy comes up and reads with us. we all love cuddling in your bed. daddy comes up and lays with you until you fall asleep. this has become such a habit :) you are usually to bed by 9:30-9:45. we know we need to work on this and start going to bed earlier but spending just an evening with you isn't enough. we like to soak in as much time as we can as a family when we get home from work. you've been waking up every now and again at night.

you are often an independent, strong-willed little stinker. you give us a run for our money when trying to negotiate cleaning up toys, picking out clothing, etc. you don't have to sit in time out much, but when you do it's a big, traumatic deal.

our favorite thing about this age is your little imagination that never stops. you can make a beach party out of a towel and sunglasses or soup out of an old bucket and water. your favorite activities at this age are playing barbies, reading books, coloring/drawing, being outside and swimming. you start your first soccer program this sunday! daddy is super thrilled about this. mommy isn't sure how much you are going to like it

My Avery being super shy and anti-social at the company JDRF walk. Wouldn't even look at anyone when they talked to her...but she was sure one cute kitty!

One of Avery's favorite baby dolls. Her name changes from Audrey to Willa depending on the day.

'Mom, hold my baby for a minute!' Sure, kid!

First bee sting :( poor girl! those things hurt! luckily no swelling. 

Assisting daddy with putting hardware in the shower. She scratched the faucet with her screwdriver BUT she was trying to help! *Note that is one of my old dresses that she loves

Cuddle night in our bed! Enjoying these simple moments. 

Little designer helping to decorate her room. 

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