Monday, December 7, 2015


We started the month off celebrating Greg's birthday! Yay! The festivities started with a trip down to Lincoln for a brewery tour at Zip Line followed by tailgating & sitting in my company's suite for the Husker game. (We really lucked out on which game we attended!). Greg's actual birthday on Sunday was pretty low key.

Willa was baptized the following weekend! Greg's parents and oldest brother and family came up to help celebrate. Willa did pretty good, except at the beginning of her baptism when she decided she was starving! After a warmed up bottle, we were good to go. We had a small reception at our house with a late lunch and cake. 

I was fortunate enough to meet two new babies to join the club in November! Baby Layla and Baby Easton. Both so adorable with lots of hair! :) Holding those little bundles made me realize how big Willa has really gotten in such a short amount of time. Makes me sad how fast they grow! But on another note, it makes me so excited to think of all these little friends Willa will have as she grows. 

For Thanksgiving we drove down to Tulsa to spend the holiday with the Haus fam. Both girls did amazing riding down. Avery has always been a rock-star traveler and Willa had a few fussy spells of wanting out but all-in-all they did good. Avery had so much fun being at Mimi and Papa's house, she never wants to leave!

This past month (November and now stretching in to December) has also been a month with lots of sickness around our household! Yuck! Started with pink eye for Greg and Willa, croup and bad cold for Aves, then a cold for Willa and a cold for me that just happened to come while down in Tulsa. After Thanksgiving Avery ended up getting the stomach flu that she possibly passed to Greg...I am SO hoping this is just a bad stretch and the rest of the winter will be better. Let's cross our fingers!

We are experiencing some crazy warm weather right now! 50-60 degree weather all week?! While it's awesome now, I'm just hoping that doesn't mean winter will stretch in to spring time! It will be nice to get the girls out this week for some fresh air and running around. Winter definitely brings cabin fever around our house!

My girls - I love them! So beautiful and special. 

We found a Polly Pocket that Avery loves!

My first pizza with vegan cheese...amazing! Momma's with dietary restrictions - go to Uncle Maddio's! They offer dairy free crust, sauce and cheese!

Avery found Santa at Von Maur!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

#momlife, when Daddy is at soccer, Mommy's gotta multitask and get both girlies bathed!


Willa's 2-month appointment & Avery came for a flu shot.

Jacob comes to Omaha!

Happy Baptism, Willa James!

The Haus family's good luck charms during the OU vs OSU game :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Willa - 2 Months!

*please note that this post was written on Nov 11th (her actual 2mo bday and photo was taken a few days after that)

Willa - you started out your second month of life with a trip to the fun! You caught sissy's cold and got a fever along with nasal/chest congestion. Mommy also eliminated cow's milk from her diet and you are sooooo much happier and comfortable. Even though I am sure craving pizza, creamy dips and ice cream - I'm totally willing to put those delicious foods on hold until your tummy is ready.

Willa, you have become even chubbier with lots of little rolls and crevices to love. You are a great eater, weighing in at almost 13 pounds! Eating 4-5 oz every feeding. Usually one HUGE poop each day. Almost out of size 1 diapers...really?! I kinda sorta bought too many size 1's not realizing you'd grow so fast...

Mommy and Daddy still have you as a roommate, you will probably stay with us until after the holidays or until you are sleeping through the night (which you are starting to do and it's awesome). You take a good morning nap but are awake most of the afternoon until about 5. In the evenings you are starting to go bed earlier and earlier. Avery is anxious to have you upstairs with her! She wants to know when Willa will sleep in her crib :)

You started daycare this week and although we love Tammy, not being there to cuddle and comfort you all day makes mommy sad. Oh and the thought of more colds and sickness makes mommy sad, too. But you will love all the attention you will get from your new friends and learning new things from watching them play. And having big sis there gives me a peace of mind. 

Your favorite things to do are: lay on a blanket and have people talk to you, give lots of sweet smiles especially first thing in the morning, play patty-cake and so-big. You love taking a warm bath (your eyes get so big and I'm pretty sure you'd stay in the tub for awhile if i let you) and you still also love to eat! (i know, what baby doesn't..)

You do not like: the bouncer or swing (that Avery was obsessed with!), being wet or poopy (especially at night) or being overtired

Your newest discoveries are: smiling, start to 'bat' at toys, improving at tummy time, following people move from across a room, cooing when being spoken to and kicking those arms & legs as fast as possible at the same time! 

Avery has really been loving to entertain you and help 'watch' you. She has been a great big sister who is ready and willing to be included in all the action. Except poopy diapers...those she just won't do!

Poor Baby at the Hospital

Avery playting 'beauty parlor' with Willa. Or as Avery says, 'boody'

The face Willa does first thing in the A.M.!

The many faces of Willa! So fun to see how in just 4 weeks she has changed so much! Anyone think she looks like Avery? :)