Friday, November 6, 2015

Life Through Sept/Oct!

Oh dear - I haven't posted much lately! I'll be completely honest - it's been a bit of a blur so bear with me. After two months, life feels like it is falling to place. We are getting used to new routines and finding our new normal. 

Here's what we've been up to these past couple of months. Lots of fun events and, of course, all things autumn! My favorite!

Avery's first soccer game - let's just say this wasn't her favorite thing. Even though she repeatedly told Greg she wanted to play soccer like him, she just really wasn't that in to it.

One of our first nights home with Willa.

2nd evening home. Mimi gets photo cred.

My biggest cheerleader when it comes to pumping! LOL! Look at that milk for Willa, Momma! :)

Pumpkin family

Curly hair!

Avery and Nanny had a day at the Lincoln zoo together!

Late night Culver's run...Avery approves!

Greg's company outing at Valla's...a fall staple to visit!

That lower lip... :)

Halloween Fairy Garden Day! Loved going to Kids DIY Studio!

Willa's first Home Depot trip.

What a Monday night looks like at our house...

Happy Hour at the Haus'! 

Love when both my girls are bathed and ready for story time :)

Dinner Club at our house!

Annual pumpkin carving at the Derby's in South Bend!

Avery got Willa to fall asleep...very proud sister moment!

Thursday night = taco night!

Avery's BFF's at daycare!

My 'day before Halloween' attire

Avery wanted an 'A' and an egg on her pumpkin

Babies on Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Peter Pan, Wendy and our Tinkerbells!

Poor Willa...she doesn't seem to get much attention does she? ;)

These rolls....i can't even...

Avery and Baby Audrey

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