Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Willa - 1 Month

**Sidenote - I wrote this at about 3AM on Willa's 1 Month 'Birthday', which was October 11th.

Happy One Month, Willa! My, have you changed in just the few short weeks you've been here! Your cheeks and chin have really filled out. We call you our 'chub chub' girl because you are by no means petite or delicate! Ha! And we love it! 

You welcomed your one month birthday by sleeping through the night. Even though mommy kept waking up to make sure you were okay, it was soooo nice to get that sleep. We discovered you love a swaddle sleep sack and that's been the trick to get you to sleep for longer periods of time. That and the extra long nursing sesh you and I have right before your 10:30-11:00 bedtime. Daddy and I usually watch a show while you eat til your hearts content and pass out. So far you haven't really loved the paci, but you will take it on occasion.

At about 3 weeks we noticed a lot of green mucusy stools, fussy and extra gassy, irritable when awake and a lot of grunting/moaning. So mommy has been cutting out anything with cows milk in it. Right now, it's too early to tell if that is the culprit but you sure have been a different baby with the help of no dairy and the occasional gas drops.

Avery says your favorite thing to do is drink milk and I think we all agree. You also love to walk around in the baby wrap, play patty cake, look at fans, have a clean diaper and listen to big sis talk to you. Avery is so proud of you, gives you lots of kisses and attention and loves to be right there in the action. 

I think we are starting to finally get this 'parenting with 2' thing down. Sometimes it's tough balancing the needs of a newborn and 3 year old so thank goodness for a helpful husband and helpful family. Last night I wanted to get out of the house so we took our crew to check out Home Depot and World Market. I only have 2 more full time weeks at home (then 2 part time weeks) and it's really making me sad. So the goal is to savor every moment I can while I'm home with my sweet Willa during the day.

First bottle at 1 week old!

First walk around Chalco!

Can you tell this is a family favorite spot in our house?

Contrary to that face, she loves her swaddle ;)

Willa's Birth Story

**Sidenote: I wrote this post the week after Willa was born and totally forgot to post it! So here's the story along with some hospital photos!

Wednesday, September 9th
I went for my 40 week appointment. Dr. Scott said I was dilated to 4cm and my bag of waters was bulging. She told me she predicted I'd be in and out of the hospital by Sunday. I didn't believe her but at the same time was kind of hopeful! She stripped my membranes and I was back to work. When I got back to the office my co-worker (who was due Sept 30th) told me she wasn't feeling good and had been having contractions since the night before. She didn't look good so went home. After work I treated myself to a pedi and went home. I checked on my co-worker at about 8:00 and she was at the hospital and her water had broke!! While I was totally excited for her, I was quite jealous as I was hoping that would've been me! That night I lost most of my mucus plug.

Thursday, September 10th

Another uncomfortable day in the life of a 40-week pregnant woman. Got to work, stayed busy. Had no cramping and contractions and came to terms with the fact that I would probably have to be induced next Wednesday and that was just fine. I had a great inducement with Avery so really what was the big deal? I wrapped up my work, went home for the night. Greg and Avery had a pillow fight, we went to bed. Oh, and my co-workers adorable little guy was born!

Friday, September 11th

I woke up at exactly 5:30am with a contraction. I contemplated whether or not it was a dream until 5:45 it happened again. They were different then any other cramping i had had because it's almost like they wrapped around my body and hands/feet would start to sweat. Greg helped me time them for an hour before deciding I should go take a shower and bath to see if they intensified. I told Greg to get Avery up and get ready in case this was it. As luck would have it, they did! By 7:45-ish the contractions had gotten incredibly intense (to the point where i couldn't stand or even communicate while going through them). I called my doctor, she said to get in! Avery wanted me to help her get ready for daycare. Obviously I couldn't due to my pain level so I told her if she let daddy help out she could have a sucker on the way to Tammy's. She listened and gave me a sucker, too :)

So we all piled in the car - yes, Greg, Avery & I,  and dropped Avery off as fast as we could to daycare. I was having a contraction while she was getting out of the car. As she was getting out she said, 'you calm now, mama?' I could barely say anything to her and felt so bad. Thank goodness that little girl gave me that sucker because i clinched on the it the entire ride to the hospital. It took about 20 minutes to get to the hospital. My pain level was so high that i knew I couldn't walk from the parking lot to the entrance so Greg zoomed up to front, grabbed a wheelchair and took me up to second floor. They got me admitted right away, I told them I needed an epidural. After about 30 minutes Greg realized we had left the car running at the entrance of the hospital..oops! 

It took almost a flipping hour to get an epidural...apparently the hospital was crazy and all of the anesthesiologists were busy. I was to the point were I could barely even breath through a contraction. At this point my water had not broken on its own and I was 5.5 cm dilated. Once I got the epidural, the doctor broke my water. Within an hour I dilated to 9 cm! When the nurse came to check me she said, 'okay you're at 9! in about 30 minutes it'll be time to push!' Push?! It was literally 10:45. Everything was happening so fast. I felt like a million bucks once the epidural kicked in. After 30 minutes the team of doctors and nurses came in to deliver the baby. I pushed for about 20 minutes and out came our baby girl! My first thought when I saw her was holy moly look at all that DARK HAIR!! my second was that she looked like avery. and my third thought was thank you jesus she is healthy

They quickly cleaned her off and for about two hours we did skin to skin, she nursed like a pro! and Greg and I went back and forth on names. They did her vitals - 7lbs 13oz and 20 inches long. We finally decided to stick with Willa. After having this name in our family for over half of the pregnancy, we realized how much it already was a part of our family. She looked like a Willa, too. Her middle name 'James' is a tribute to Greg, who's middle name is James and Greg's dad's first name is James. 

We had lots of family visitors the first night in the hospital. One of them being big sister, Avery. She was very curious about all of the different machines, tubing, etc in the room and on me. She held Willa, talked to her, watched her but was most excited about all of the big sister presents she received and seeing Nanny (my mom) there. The next day when she came to see Willa with Greg's family she was about the same way. Interested at times, but wanting to play and do her own thing other times. 

We are loving being at home now as a little family of FOUR! Willa has been an amazing baby. I forgot all of the adorable sounds, squirms and facial expressions they make. I love this newborn stage. I wish I could freeze time for a bit.