Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dream Stroller

As my due date approaches, I keep thinking about how fun it will be to get outdoors with the girls during fall time! I have always wanted a nice jogging stroller and have been doing some research on a few of my favorite strollers that I'd love to have!

Let me just say that shortly after Avery was born I came across this brand and was bummed I didn't know about it earlier. Bumble ride was started by a California family who pride themselves on using eco-friendly and recycled fabric materials when creating their strollers.  

All of their strollers have fabulous reviews and I can't get enough of this fun blue and green color combo! This stroller also comes with the option of adding the skateboard to the back in case Avery wanted to 'ride' instead of sit. 

Baby Jogger City Select
This would be a nice stroller that can switch from a single to a double. I like this option because it really is two strollers in one. It also has good reviews. The only thoughts I have on it are 1. it's not a jogger and 2. everything for the stroller must be purchased ala carte (ex. the second seat, the base for the second seat), which could get pricey. 

Either way I love this stroller in black or silver. There's also a purple color that Avery would flip for ;)

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