Friday, August 28, 2015

38 weeks!

- this baby moves her little tushy to the left and to the right all throughout the day. but i've noticed when she's sleeping she is on the right (just like Avery)
- what the heck is up with this heartburn/indegestion?? i've had it so bad this time around. i take zantac every day!
- i didn't notice much swelling with avery but this past week, i have been swelling like crazy especially around my ankles and feet. My joints have also gotten so achy. I feel like I have arthritis in my hands and knees! crazy how much things change in a week! i feel like an old lady.
- 38 week stats: 2cm dilated, 75% effaced, very soft cervix; doctor scott said in her heart of hearts doesn't think I will make it to my due date
- sleep? what's sleep? i'm up every 2-3 hours at night. feels like my body is getting ready for a feeding schedule. funny thing about it is, this time around i'm not dragging. i guess i am used to sleep deprivation after already having one kiddo.
- my baby wrap came in the mail and guess who loves to wear it? yep, Avery!

Friday, August 14, 2015

36 weeks!

36 weeks! we are almost there, baby girl! the home stretch! i can honestly say that I am getting ready to be done lugging you around in my belly and would much rather be holding you in my arms! maybe it's the heat, maybe it's chasing after your big sis or maybe it's how you are positioned so low but getting around this time is hard work!

- i am carrying totally different than with avery. with aves, my bump was more spread out. this time around it's all right in front like a basketball/watermelon/volleyball (you get the picture).
- i am craving chocolate milk like there's no tomorrow. oh and fruit. i've been eating peaches like it's nobody's business
- because it's been warm we have been hitting up the pool around 3 times a week. it's one activity that i enjoy doing outside in the heat. last saturday we were all busy in the garage working on painting projects just dripping sweat. once we were done we all threw on our suits and ran over to prairie life to swim for a bit. an evening swim with the pool to ourselves was just what we needed and a super fun way to spend a saturday night!
- baby girl gets hiccups about once a day :)
- i bought a wrap for this baby. i am determined to try to do more 'baby wearing' this time. i think that'll help free up my hands while keeping her close to me. i like the idea of being able to play with avery while wearing this sweet babe.
- greg and i are TORN on names. i am so hoping that once we see her we will just know which to pick...
- big sister's got big plans on helping with 'her baby'. she has informed everyone that she will give the baby a ba-ba, change the baby's diaper, hand me wipes, rock the baby night-night...i've been reading as much as I can on making the transition smooth for the older sibling. i'm sure they are each different and adjust at their own hope is that avery does well and still feels like she is getting attention and as much love as before. makes me nervous!
- baby girl's bag is packed. our goal for the weekend is to finish the nursery and pack mommy and daddy's bag. (oh and big sisters bag just in case - because my mom keeps teasing me that if i go in to labor in the middle of the night and no one answers that she will have to tag along!)
- 36 week appointment details: measuring right at 36 weeks, dilated to 1cm and 75% effaced. dr said my cervix is nice and soft. i have been really crampy these past few weeks and experiencing a lot of dull back pain. 
- i got another dang sinus infection! antibiotics, round 2. 
- and last but not least, my best friend gave birth to a baby BOY on july 30th!!! we have been loving on sweet baby jude lots and avery is having so much fun seeing a little baby :) obviously this has nothing to do with my pregnancy except that it's so fun and exciting to be experiencing all things 'baby' together with my bestie this time around!

S'mores night at the Haus house!

Jazz on the Green!

Took Avery to her second movie at Westwood Cinema....Cinderella!

Silly princess driving a tractor!

Avery found some goggles at the pool and claimed them as her own....

First time meeting Baby Jude!

Remember what it's like to hold a baby, Greg??? ;)

Got our car seat all ready for...Avery's baby?!

I couldn't help but watch Avery brush her teeth like a big girl last week. Getting so big and independent.

Sissy graduated from Nursing School! Yay!

Dresser in the baby's nursery that Greg repainted. Looks amazing!

Our family's guesses on when Baby Haus v2 will make her debut! (Note Avery's guess is 3lbs!)

Jazz on the Green with the Elder's

Dinner Club does Mark's Bistro! Celebrating Bri, Amy & Traci's birthdays. (This is me at 35 weeks)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dream Stroller

As my due date approaches, I keep thinking about how fun it will be to get outdoors with the girls during fall time! I have always wanted a nice jogging stroller and have been doing some research on a few of my favorite strollers that I'd love to have!

Let me just say that shortly after Avery was born I came across this brand and was bummed I didn't know about it earlier. Bumble ride was started by a California family who pride themselves on using eco-friendly and recycled fabric materials when creating their strollers.  

All of their strollers have fabulous reviews and I can't get enough of this fun blue and green color combo! This stroller also comes with the option of adding the skateboard to the back in case Avery wanted to 'ride' instead of sit. 

Baby Jogger City Select
This would be a nice stroller that can switch from a single to a double. I like this option because it really is two strollers in one. It also has good reviews. The only thoughts I have on it are 1. it's not a jogger and 2. everything for the stroller must be purchased ala carte (ex. the second seat, the base for the second seat), which could get pricey. 

Either way I love this stroller in black or silver. There's also a purple color that Avery would flip for ;)