Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Our July

- swim & dance lessons have come to an end. not going to lie, it's so nice to now have our monday and tuesday nights back. i am going to miss watching my little ballerina dance though!
- it's official: this baby loves music. the other day we were rocking out in the car and i felt this reoccurring pedaling movement from a leg up by my rib. it stopped once the music ended. so darn cool!
- we've finally moved our master bedroom on to the main floor of our house and love it. after a few setbacks, we also have avery in her new room which is now repainted and decorated just for her. we are in the process of working on the nursery. it feels good to be making some strides around there.
- 4th of july weekend was filled with fireworks (avery LOVES them), small town get togethers, lake time and swimming. apparently our little family can't hang like we used to. after spending an entire day at the lake in the sun, greg and avery crashed at about 9PM on the 4th. I woke those sillies up so we could watch our neighborhood show for a bit from our driveway.
- i've pampered myself twice this month with a prenatal massage and a pedicure...score!
- apparently this is the month Avery decided to have a major opinion on what she wears. dresses, dresses and more dresses. we've been having a lot of battles in mornings getting ready for daycare. greg and I are trying to figure out just how much independence should be given with choices when it comes to this. it kills me that so many of her nice shirts and shorts haven't been worn at all this summer. gotta love parenting!
- our summer garden is finally producing! i picked a yellow squash the other night, tomatoes are coming in and jalapeƱos are ready! can't say we've had a lot of luck with the strawberries and lettuce though. avery's favorite part of the backyard has to be the mint i planted in an old wine box. she picks off a few leaves, asks me to rinse them off and then gobbles them down!
- i ran through the sprinkler with avery one night. i never thought i'd do that at 32 weeks pregnant but this heat has really taken a toll on this pregnant mama.
- avery asks on a regular basis 'mama, when my baby gonna pop out?' we are all counting down the weeks until we get to meet this little lady who loves to wiggle, twitch and squirm in my belly.

Our CrAzY 4th of July! ha

Fireworks in South Bend

Lake time in Cedar Creek.

Need a little plumbing help in our upstairs bathroom...

This girl LOVES pineapple!

Typical Tuesday night after swim lessons.

Avery gave the baby some of her old things. In her words "I'm a sharing girl!"

Happy National Ice Cream Day!

The Longenecker's did a fun little gender reveal at dinner's a BOY!

Our newest skill learned this summer - jumping in all by herself!

Sprinkler time!

A top night in the Haus house this summer - biking and picnic around Chalco. The weather was in the 70's and it was awesome. 

Diggin her new book shelves!

Major props to my husband who has been working really hard these last few weeks on helping me get the girls' rooms ready!

Painting Yourself Silly for Nanny's birthday!

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