Tuesday, June 30, 2015

29 Weeks!

Less than 3 months to go until our baby girl is in our arms! Oh, I am so excited for that moment! Just some things I wanted to note so mama remembers for the future!

- my groin issues are back again. and they are super painful. my doctor says my uterus is putting a ton of pressure on that 'area' causing swelling and pain. i ice pretty much every night. since this also happened while i was pregnant with avery, i know that once i deliver the baby the issue will subside. so it's nice to know there's a light at the end of the tunnel. i recently purchased a pregnancy belt (real sexy...just ask greg!) and hoping that will help when I'm on my feet a lot. no finger or feet swelling yet, either.

- i am now starting to see my belly physically move around. such a cool yet strange sensation! pretty sure her head in still down on the left. her movements are sporadic, i haven't been able to track consistent times on when she's awake or sleeping yet.
- i have also reached that point where I cannot lay on my back for too long without having trouble breathing. i've noticed this mostly at night, I will wake up short of breath and realize i was on my back too long.
- at 27 weeks i got a NASTY cold that turned in to a sinus infection. wow, did that kick my butt or what. i was in bed for literally 72 hours. while at the doctors office i found out i have a heart murmur, which is supposedly common during pregnancy? going to find out more about that at my appointment on thursday
- passed my glucose test with flying colors..yay!
- greg and i celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary a couple weeks ago with dinner at bonefish - one of our favorites. i have been craving seafood again (just like last time!). it was so cool to reflect on these last four years, never would've predicted 2 kids before hitting the 5 year mark!
- i am starting to stress about not starting on the nursery or Avery's room yet! i know i am just nesting. i keep telling myself we only have 10 weeks to go! some days that seems like an eternity, other days seems like it's just around the corner. either way i am really ready to get the show on the road. summer is such a busy time, it's hard to dedicate an entire weekend on moving/rearranging. but we need to do it!
- still getting up to go potty about 2 times a night. avery wakes up on occasion, too, so sleep is already not the best at this point
- avery is still convinced we are naming the baby 'willa mae'. every other name we suggest she says is a boys name or gets frustrated and says 'no! it's willa!'

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