Tuesday, June 30, 2015

29 Weeks!

Less than 3 months to go until our baby girl is in our arms! Oh, I am so excited for that moment! Just some things I wanted to note so mama remembers for the future!

- my groin issues are back again. and they are super painful. my doctor says my uterus is putting a ton of pressure on that 'area' causing swelling and pain. i ice pretty much every night. since this also happened while i was pregnant with avery, i know that once i deliver the baby the issue will subside. so it's nice to know there's a light at the end of the tunnel. i recently purchased a pregnancy belt (real sexy...just ask greg!) and hoping that will help when I'm on my feet a lot. no finger or feet swelling yet, either.

- i am now starting to see my belly physically move around. such a cool yet strange sensation! pretty sure her head in still down on the left. her movements are sporadic, i haven't been able to track consistent times on when she's awake or sleeping yet.
- i have also reached that point where I cannot lay on my back for too long without having trouble breathing. i've noticed this mostly at night, I will wake up short of breath and realize i was on my back too long.
- at 27 weeks i got a NASTY cold that turned in to a sinus infection. wow, did that kick my butt or what. i was in bed for literally 72 hours. while at the doctors office i found out i have a heart murmur, which is supposedly common during pregnancy? going to find out more about that at my appointment on thursday
- passed my glucose test with flying colors..yay!
- greg and i celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary a couple weeks ago with dinner at bonefish - one of our favorites. i have been craving seafood again (just like last time!). it was so cool to reflect on these last four years, never would've predicted 2 kids before hitting the 5 year mark!
- i am starting to stress about not starting on the nursery or Avery's room yet! i know i am just nesting. i keep telling myself we only have 10 weeks to go! some days that seems like an eternity, other days seems like it's just around the corner. either way i am really ready to get the show on the road. summer is such a busy time, it's hard to dedicate an entire weekend on moving/rearranging. but we need to do it!
- still getting up to go potty about 2 times a night. avery wakes up on occasion, too, so sleep is already not the best at this point
- avery is still convinced we are naming the baby 'willa mae'. every other name we suggest she says is a boys name or gets frustrated and says 'no! it's willa!'

Colorado 2015

The Haus crew all met out in Frisco, Colorado this past week for a nice family vacation. Our little fam left on Wednesday and got back Sunday. I always wish we had a just one more day out there...okay maybe a few more days out there ;) It's truly one of our favorite places. This time we got to bring our baby girl along! I couldn't believe how active she was in my belly! She must've loved the trip, too.

I wouldn't recommend going at almost 30 weeks pregnant again. I definitely experienced more shortness of breath and had a harder time getting around, I also wasn't able to participate in all of my favorite Colorado activities like white water rafting. That's okay though - next time!

We did plenty of hiking, canoeing, fire pitting, trying local restaurants and just enjoying time together. It was fun to stay in a different area of Colorado (would totally recommend staying in Frisco again!) and seeing even more of the states beautifulness.

Avery was a total trooper the entire trip. She did awesome in the car, had no problem with the time change or altitude and definitely added some spice and laughs to our every day excursions. She is such a good little traveler. It was so fun to see her outdoors hiking and canoeing like a big girl. She says her favorite activity was playing in the sand...one of the many things we did but she really did have fun doing that after we spent a few hours on the water.

It's safe to say Colorado 2015 was a success. I hope we can go next year....with our little family of FOUR!

Welcome to Colorado, baby girl!
Helping Jacob walk first thing in the morning ;)

Aunt Katy's selfie stick!

Throwing rocks in the lake was pretty cool. 

Canoeing on the Dillion Reservoir!

Haus girls!

Cannot believe how big she is getting....

Feeding the chipmunks at Sapphire Pointe.

Exploring :)

Monday, June 22, 2015

June - the beginning of summer!

Ahhh! Life is crazy town right now! So many fun things going on, and so many more exciting things ahead! Here is what the Haus family has been up to so far this summer!

Date night with my hubby! We rarely get these any more so when we do, it's FUN!

Women's Heart Walk with Nanny in Lincoln

Celebrating my best friend, Sara, at her baby shower. Next month Baby Elder will be here!

One of the many reasons I love my husband - these are the kinds of things he sends me during the day! HA

Yay for our planted garden! Avery picked out strawberries to plant.

A new tried and true pork chop recipe the whole family approves. Quick and great for summer grilling.

Avery and I drawing snakes

Only my daughter would be out a butterfly toy set at Michaels!

Spotting some deer on our walk at Chalco over Memorial Day. 

Tulsa bound! Greg's high school friend, Courtney, was married this month. 


Bedtime stories in mama's bed

Avery's big girl swim lessons

Bought some new shoes for our Colorado trip

Avery's favorite toys - Tiny the long neck and Suzy the elephant. She came up with the names and they have stuck.

Finally found a dresser to refinish for baby sister's nursery!

One of our many trips to Home Depot this month.

Lunch while daddy's works on the new master bedroom.

A couple things I've been craving lately - cheddarwursts and wedge salads...

Avery's first princess ballet class. Having SO much fun!

My 28 week belly....and our messy house under construction!

Making me some 'soup'

Dinner Club on the lake!

This kid loves mannequins! These were 'her boys' on Saturday. They were Jon and Daddy. 

Father's Day weekend = lots of pool time!

Big sis has been loving her baby dolls again.