Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

My Mother's Day weekend was exactly what I wanted it to be: lots of family time.

My weekend started early with Avery giving me the project she had been working on all week at daycare: a bookmark and pretty butterfly picture. She was SO excited to give it to me. Thursday morning when I took her to daycare I said in the car, "Aves, today you get to finish your surprise for me!" She said, "Shhh! It a surprise! Oh I so excited, I going to have a wonderful day!"

We had a nice, low-key dinner club with friends. And I came home to the cutest surprise made by Avery and her babysitter, Ana. They posted sticky notes in our bedroom of all the things to love about moms. It was seriously one of the cutest and sweetest things ever. 

My mom and I have made a tradition out of the Saturday before Mother's Day - we plant flowers together. It's my mom's gift to me. We go pick everything out and then make a day of planting and arranging the flowers for my house. This year Avery and Greg both came to help. I think this years flowers are my favorite yet!

Actual Mother's Day was pretty darn rainy. Everyone knows that's my favorite kind of weather so I didn't mind. We got up early for brunch at Wheatfields. I indulged in a pecan roll and my favorite potato casserole...afterall, it was Mother's Day ;) We spent the rest of the day meeting up with my parents at Nebraska Furniture Mart and then came home just in time for me to take a nice, long nap (another favorite thing of mine). I received many beautiful cards, flowers and homemade gifts - felt very loved. 

I hope every mommy that reads this blog had a great Mothers Day as well!

Avery's gift to me! In her right hand she's holding the bookmark!

Sara & Chop got a pretty funny gag gift at dinner club. HA!

Cute surprise found in our bedroom :)


Love this lil stinker!

Crazy to think next year at this time we'll have a little one who will probably be crawling! Aaahhh!

My Mother's Day flower loot!

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