Wednesday, May 6, 2015

22 Weeks!

I told myself this time around that I needed to embrace being pregnant more. Last time I was so darn self-conscious to take photos of myself. I'd point out every flaw and then it would bother me to the point where I didn't want any photos taken. I'd love to say that it's fun going back and comparing photos of Avery's pregnancy to this one...but I barely have any!! And now 4 year later, I look back at the few I have and think 'i wasn't that big, I was actually kind of cute!'

I will admit, the further along I get the more self-conscious I'm starting to get. But I keep telling myself that I will appreciate photos in the years to come. I really will. I haven't wrote much about the second trimester of this pregnancy so thought I better jot some notes down.

-feeling like a million bucks. no really i do! sure i get tired at the end of the day, but that isn't new. the headaches I experienced during the first trimester are gone and I have been able to go without a meal every 2 hours before feeling nauseous for sometime now. still not any food aversions (first trimester was pasta/lasagna...blah!) but momma is definitely craving lemonade (just like last time) and sweets (specifically ice cream). I may or may not have convinced my family to drive thru Sonic last Thursday at 8:30pm for shakes...and Monday night for ice cream at DQ ;)

-belly is growing faster than before. along with other parts of the body that will not be named. the good news is that I've been through the drill before. i know this is a part of pregnancy. i know that eventually after the baby is born, my body will bounce back. the photo I have of myself at 22 weeks, barely shows a belly at all. this time around there is no mistaking that i'm pregnant!

-finally feeling kicking and movement. this baby is pretty darn aware of when someone is near her territory! for example: the other night Greg and I were laying in bed, he put his hand on my belly and she immediately started kicking. super active at night. i feel movement here and there in the morning or during the day. she definitely will give a good kick or two if I'm carrying Avery. hey sis, i'm in here, too! avery thinks this is hilarious when i tell her the baby kicked my belly.

-avery has a name for the baby..and it's so darn sweet. we have asked her for awhile what we should name the baby. her 'go-to' name was audrey rebecca, which is her favorite little baby friend at tammy's. one night at dinner she came up with the name 'willa'. greg and i were pleasantly surprised and liked it! so the name 'willa' has made it in to our top 3 name choices. we aren't convinced it's 'the name' until we see the baby but avery has her mind set. 'her baby' is going to be named willamae, not willa mae. but word :) it's adorable hearing her say it.

-i've been trying to get to the gym tuesdays and thursdays over lunch. i can't say i enjoy the idea of going over my lunch hour but it's literally right behind the business park i work in so i feel like i don't have an excuse for not getting there. once i leave i feel such a sense of accomplishment and feel good about getting some exercise even if it's simply walking on the elliptical. i get some weird looks from the elderly crowd that is there during that time but it is what it is. i'm hoping these little workouts help me feel more confident in a swim suit this summer...

Quick pic I took to send to Greg and my MIL (who bought me the dress!)

The bump makes a nice little pillow for Avery!


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