Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's a...


You guys, we seriously had so much darn fun throwing a gender reveal party at our house. At first I was on the fence about doing one. We didn't want to spend a lot of money on another party (we just had Avery's birthday bash!), the weather was looking crummy (90% chance of rain) and Miss Avery made it very clear that if blue balloons came out of the box she 'would be very sad and cry because i want a girl...' - these were her exact words. So we figured this reveal could potentially be a total flop.

The day of the ultrasound (Thursday) came and Greg & I could barely sleep. Greg texted me about an hour after we got to work telling me he couldn't focus because he was so excited. We had already decided, thanks to my sister, that we would wait to find out what we were having when we opened the  box versus finding out beforehand. Greg did not like this idea but I convinced him to wait 2 days. No patience! I was more interested in making sure everything looked healthy and on track. I hadn't been feeling a ton a movement - it was very sporadic. One night i'd feel a kick or two, then another in the morning and then nothing for days. That worried me and I really wish that I would've documented more about when Avery started moving around so I had something to go off of.

Our ultrasound and appointment with Dr. Scott went very well. Turns out that my placenta is against my stomach, which is the reason I am not feeling a ton of movement yet. Hopefully that gradually moves as the baby grows so I can feel more. The heartbeat was 150 this time. Up until this point Greg and I were totally convinced we were having a boy. But after that ultrasound, we sat at Lazlos for lunch and both started questioning our choice! We had the gender in an envelope that I immediately gave to a co-worker so she could fill our reveal box that we had worked on the night before. We were so anxious to find out!

The day of the party we prepped the house, Avery and I went to a friend's baby shower, Greg's parents drove in from Oklahoma and we were ready to get the show on the road. It was so much fun to see everyone so excited. Such a happy moment that I'm glad we were able to share with our family.  The rain stopped just as our guests were arriving. Although the party was nothing fancy, it was a lot of fun and very special.

Avery is beyond excited to be getting a sister. She ran around with those pink balloons all night long. Greg and I are super thrilled! Back when Avery was a baby, I remember us one night envisioning our family with two little girls :) Greg is worried about what life will be like in 10 years with teenagers but I told him just to enjoy the ride for now. Ha. I've already made my first trip to Old Navy to look at the little girls clothing. Bring on the pink! I am happy beyond words!

I told Avery which to circle, love her little penmanship!

Helping to decorate the box :)

Oh and her little ultrasound photo is identical to Avery's 20-week ultrasound photo! We have a feeling little and big sis are going to be twinsies!

Avery on the top, Baby 2 on the bottom

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