Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Funny Avery Moments

The independent 3's have hit our house. Which means Greg and I are now rethinking the way we discipline, negotiate, praise, etc. It times it can be super frustrating but other times lots of fun. Avery continues to make us laugh with her imagination. Here are a few funny things that have happened lately in the Haus house...

  • Since we are so 'independent' these days, Avery insists on doing most everything herself. And for the most part we try and let her with supervision. Now she wants to prep and use the restroom all by herself: get the potty seat on the toilet, attempt to shimmy her way up on the toilet, wipe, flush and wash her hands all on her own. I've really been emphasizing to pat when she wipes, watch her fingers when she puts the lid down, etc. Lately when she has to go poopy she doesn't want anyone in the bathroom with her. She will say, "Mom, please give me some private seat." You mean 'privacy'? I say. "No! Private seat!" Ha, Greg and I chuckle about this one.
  • What is it with little girls wanting such long hair? Those darn Disney princesses! Between Rapunzel and Elsa from Frozen, Avery has been asking us to give her long hair. She finds anything she can to use as pretend long hair. Lately it has been Greg and my ties to our robes. Greg will connect it to her pony tail and once in she will run around the room like a new woman, singing and dancing. She has also been calling Greg "Eugene" because that is Rapunzel's love interest in the movie. 
  • I took Avery to the children's museum with a friend a few weeks ago. I'll admit, I've avoided that place like the plague simply due to germs and utter chaos. To my surprise, Avery liked it but wasn't 100% thrilled. I honestly think it was a little overwhelming for her. On her own, she found an arts and crafts room behind some closed doors. We ended up spending a good portion of our time doing some quieter activities :)
  • Our friends, The Wagner's, came over for dinner one evening last week. Their son, Henry, is about the same age as Avery. Those two had so much fun running around and playing. They literally got out every single toy they could find. While finishing dinner I see Avery pulling Henry back behind the cabinets - being a little sneaky. I go over to hear their convo. "Henry, you want to get married? Do you want to marry me? You can be the prince!" Oh dear! Then before I know it, Avery kissed him the lips!!! "We married now!" 
  • Greg is so much better at getting Avery to bed than I am. We've had our schedule down now pretty good. I give bath, brush teeth, jammies, hair, books. Then Greg comes up and sits in the rocking chair while she falls asleep. For awhile there, it was a battle getting her to bed. She'd lay down then need to go potty, get a drink, put socks on. I could hear Greg's patience dwindling. Then one night, it was an effortless putdown. Same thing happened the next night. I asked Greg what he was doing different. He told me he found a good iTunes radio station that puts her right to bed. When asked what it was he showed me the "Native American Flutes" channel! HA. So far, that channel has still been working.
  • We are very into drawing/coloring/painting these days. Greg was drawing a face the other day and Avery was directing him which part of the face comes next. After 'eyes' Avery asked Greg to put 'brownies' on the face. Greg asked what brownies were and she pointed to her eyebrows. So now she likes to wiggle her brownies. 
  • Some funny sayings that Avery has been conjuring up: 
    • Really? You been kidding me?
    • What the heck?
    • See, mom? I change my attitude to happy!
    • That a little weird!
    • The question 'why' comes up pretty much after every single thing we talk about.
Learning to use scissors!

Matching game from Uncle Jeff, Aunt Megan & Jacob!

Cinderella reading on the stairs.

Avery made this all by herself for me! Can't forget those brownies ;)

Had to take Baby Elmo on a walk. Avery would stop and point out things to Elmo and check-up on him. Little mama!

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