Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter and Beyond!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter! He is risen! My favorite part of Easter weekend was probably watching Avery set up all of the stuffed bunnies around the dining room table and pretending we were having a party with them. Her little imagination simply rocks. She did a great job with the Easter egg hunt again and loved finding candy and money in the eggs.

Sara's mom made Avery some little Easter finger puppets! So fun!

My sweet little bunny! Avery came home from daycare with these cute bunny ears.

Another fun project from daycare. We've had lots of fun practicing our counting and matching colors.

Easter Egg Hunt. Go, Avery, go!

Our Easter butterfly!

Out of about 20 shots, this was the best one. Yikes.

Here are a few more photos of what we've been up to:

Avery's 3-year appointment. She LOVED this gown and called it her dress. Doctor was incredibly pleased with her speech. Next to-do: schedule Avery's first dentist appt!

Silly faces with Henry :)

First bike ride of the year around Chalco!

I feel as though I need to explain this photo: earlier in the evening I attended my weekly yoga class. We focused a lot on stretching our feet and boy did it feel good. I was inspired by this so I came home with the idea of giving one another foot massages. Avery was digging this idea. She asked Greg to come upstairs and I assisted her in getting a hot towel for his eyes, lavendar oil and lotion for his feet and she even picked some tribal music out on the iTunes radio - all done while wearing my high heels!! We couldn't stop laughing. Fun night for sure!

Because eating with chopsticks is so much more fun!

Swimming lessons have started again! 

Saturday morning donuts and pjs! We love Donut Haven!


In case anyone is wondering, I'm 17 weeks! Cannot believe how fast the time is flying. In 2 weeks, we find out what we are having! I am literally loosing sleep over this. I cannot wait!!!! For the most part I am feeling good - a little more back pain and lots of headaches this time around. I also am having a hard time getting a good night sleep. I have been able to feel the baby moving and it's the best feeling in the world. Very inconsistent still but I can't wait for both Greg and Avery to feel him/her kicking around! So far I have had strange cravings all across the board. One night I will be wanting lemonade like crazy, the next night chicken fried steak! Silly mommy!


  1. Your family is so darn cute! I love the jammies in the doughnut shop with the big bow in Avery's hair. AND That photo of her with the butterfly wings is perfect. Hope your headaches go away and you're able to get some better sleep. -Carrie

    1. Thanks so much, Carrie! I wish you had a blog so I could catch up on your sweet family! I hope you guys had a good Easter :) I hope the headaches go away, too. Not fun!