Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Big Announcement!

We've been dying to share our news with the world! Baby Haus #2 is due mid-September! Yippee!

This little lady is going to be a BIG sister!

We aren't sure if we are crazy for adding to our already busy lives or not but there's no turning back now! We had a stressful first couple of months filled with blood tests and ultrasounds but thankfully now in the clear. The most excited member of the family is our sweet Avery, who is convinced she is getting a sister, loves talking to my belly and talking about all of the 'big sister' things she gets to do. Already so proud. 

We knew it was time to add to our family when Avery would come home and talk about being a big sister and mommies having babies in their tummies. She had two daycare friends prepping to become siblings and was learning lots. Our daycare lady had an opening in fall of 2015 and we were well aware that it could fill up quick. We had originally planned to start trying last summer until we got word of the next available daycare spot. Crazy how that can change plans. I personally never know if I'm ready! I debate in my head back and forth again and's nuts. Finally one night Greg said, there's never going to be a 'just the right time'. So here we are! 

I am so excited to see our family expanding. I'm excited to see Greg tickling and chasing two babies around the house. I'm excited to see Avery in her new role that she seems to be so ready for. I'm excited to go through all of the 'firsts' again as a new mom - the big belly, the late night feedings, cooking baby food, learning to crawl - yup, all of it. Bring it on! 


  1. Eeeeek! Just so excited for your family! My mom always says if you plan on waiting to "be ready" you'll never do anything at all, you've just got to be ready to jump and learn to adapt as you go! :)

    1. Yep! That was our theory on this one!!!! :)