Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Big Announcement!

We've been dying to share our news with the world! Baby Haus #2 is due mid-September! Yippee!

This little lady is going to be a BIG sister!

We aren't sure if we are crazy for adding to our already busy lives or not but there's no turning back now! We had a stressful first couple of months filled with blood tests and ultrasounds but thankfully now in the clear. The most excited member of the family is our sweet Avery, who is convinced she is getting a sister, loves talking to my belly and talking about all of the 'big sister' things she gets to do. Already so proud. 

We knew it was time to add to our family when Avery would come home and talk about being a big sister and mommies having babies in their tummies. She had two daycare friends prepping to become siblings and was learning lots. Our daycare lady had an opening in fall of 2015 and we were well aware that it could fill up quick. We had originally planned to start trying last summer until we got word of the next available daycare spot. Crazy how that can change plans. I personally never know if I'm ready! I debate in my head back and forth again and's nuts. Finally one night Greg said, there's never going to be a 'just the right time'. So here we are! 

I am so excited to see our family expanding. I'm excited to see Greg tickling and chasing two babies around the house. I'm excited to see Avery in her new role that she seems to be so ready for. I'm excited to go through all of the 'firsts' again as a new mom - the big belly, the late night feedings, cooking baby food, learning to crawl - yup, all of it. Bring it on! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Avery turns 3!

What a fun birthday weekend we had!

At this time last week I was worried we would have to cancel Avery's party...Avery's daycare provider came down with influenza and was out for about a week. Then Greg ended up getting a yucky stomach bug. Between the two illnesses we played the waiting game to see if anything spread. Luckily, Avery and I remained healthy. Greg felt better after about 48 hours so the show went on!

I didn't want to have one of those cliche princess birthday parties...BUT Avery is so smitten by anything Disney princess that I just couldn't say no. When you would ask her what kind of a party she wanted, she would tell you 'a purple princess party'. So that's exactly what we had: a purple princess pizza party to be exact. Since her actual birthday fell on Saturday we decided to have the party on her birthday. We woke up early to get down to the annual St. Patty's Day parade in the Old Market. Mimi, Papa and Aunt Katy drove in late Friday night to be a part of the festivities. We spent the morning at the parade, came home to tidy up the house and our guests arrived at 5:30 for pizza, presents and ice cream cake!

We really lucked out with the weather this year. Most everyone enjoyed hanging outside, drinking a moscow mule and conversing with one another.

Avery had a fabulous time. She is on a total growth spurt right now and can eat like there's no tomorrow! So our little princess ate plenty of pizza, garlic bread and cake. She also really enjoyed the  homemade (diluted) blueberry lemonade I made. When it came time to open presents she was so overwhelmed with the gifts, she wanted to open each one right away. She spent most of the night and the next morning scouring over her gifts, trying to figure out what to play next. We had asked family members not to give to too many toys. As hard as that is, we really just don't have the space. And with the nice weather on it's way, we spend most of our nights outside if we can. Overall it was such a nice laid back evening.

One of my favorite parts of the night was watching everyone eating, laughing and enjoying one another's company. I know I say it a lot but I so thankful for our families. I was and am still in awe of the fact that our Avery is now 3. Every year it becomes more and more bittersweet that she is getting older.

On Sunday, we used my company's tickets to the Creighton baseball game and spent the afternoon munching on popcorn enjoying the nice weather again. So awesome! Avery brought her new bubble gun and was quite a hit for the young kids sitting in the area. We came home and spent the evening outside playing yard games. I was so happy Greg's family was able to spend the weekend with us. We hadn't seen them since Christmas! Avery never wants them to leave :(

Ooh our sweet little princess. Love her so much!

Blueberry Lemonade with Mint!

So this was the best pic we got on my phone... strange lighting and Greg looking a little off. I need to see who has a better photo! ha!

The many faces of our 'princess' over this last year :)

Her first ride. She named him 'Thomas'.