Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Photo Dump!

In this past month we've seen a wide range of weather from spring weather (60 degrees!) to a snow storm! I guess it keeps things interesting since this time of year is typically so gloomy and blah. 

Here's a big dump of fun things we did from this past month. 

Lockwood Holiday Party! Kristin and I won the Arbor Day Award!

We bought a new toilet! Yay! It's the little things in life!

60 degree weather means playing outside!

Avery has been really in to her kitchen lately. She usually whips us up some dinners. For my birthday she made an extra special meal for Greg and me.

UNO Hockey game with the sibs. Go Mavericks! (and don't mind the creeper on the left)

Snowy days call for Arts and Crafts.

Fun little banner we made for Avery's bed. Each heart has different things Avery loves. 

Playing out in the snow! It didn't last long. The wind started up and it was cold as heck. We decided to go in and have hot cocoa instead :)

We learned we only have one big snow shovel...not to self buy a new one before a snow storm.

Cuddle time in our bed...the best.

Dinner Club at our house! Here's the table!

One night Greg made a 'fort' in Avery's bed. Now she asks to one about every night. By the way, she is getting too big for her toddler bed!! Time for an official big girl bed.

My mashed potato 'helper'. Avery loves helping me and Greg with cooking. Earlier this week I had her mash the potatoes. She loved it! And snuck a bite just about every time she mashed :)

We were playing school last night and Avery was the teacher. She drew this for me. Can you guess what it is?

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