Monday, December 29, 2014

Tis the Season!

We've had a busy December filled with lots of holiday cheer. Yay! This Christmas was extra special due to an excited 2 year old who sang carols wherever we went, talked about Santa and Rudolph as if they were legends and proudly told everyone about her Christmas tree and what Santa was going to bring her. If only I could freeze time, this is seriously such a fun age!

We celebrated Christmas with the Richter family a couple of weekends ago and spent actual Christmas in Tulsa with the Haus clan. Here is our December in a nutshell:

My Christmas present came a little early..Greg made me some awesome wooden shelves for our living room! This guy worked on these for 2 days straight. Best Christmas gift ever!

Aves and I had a little yoga session one night after work. Fun!

Found this adorable headband at H&M.

Movie night at the Haus house. Avery watched Bambi for the first time, while holding her stuffed Bambi.

This is what happens when Daddy and Avery go Christmas shopping. Oh boy..

Dinner Club does M's Pub. Christmas dinner with friends.

Aves got to spend the day with her pal, Sara!

Christmas Eve Mass

Cousin Jacob!

Dirty Santa time!

Back at it with some fun home projects in the works!