Monday, November 10, 2014

memories i don't want to forget

avery is saying and doing so many funny things lately. i tell myself that i'll remember them forever - but i have a feeling as time goes on i will forget. i feel like pregnancy brain never really left me!!!


I will give Walt Disney the credit on this one. Avery is 100% obsessed with anything princess. Even her panties have princesses on them! Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Frozen, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast are her favorites. She walks around singing, dancing and twirling. She calls Daddy her prince, she asks me to sing along with her....we are having so much fun with this! 

The top photo is of Avery sitting outside my parents house just singing her heart away in her Cinderella dress. She is so happy just letting her imagination run wild with singing and dancing. I did the exact same thing at her age. And the last photo is of Avery wearing the Sophia dress my mom bought her. She wore it for 4 days straight to daycare....and God forbid - we could not forget the amulet that goes with that dress!

Lately she's been walking around the house saying 'prick her finger, on the spindle of a spinning wheel!' (from Sleeping Beauty). When we clean the house she sings 'Sweet Nightingale' from Cinderella (because that's what Cinderella sings when she cleans). She also gets really creative with what she considers a princess dress.....

Yes, our daughter wore a blanket wrapped around her body to Home Depot on Saturday. And she wore it with pride, too. She gets so frustrated when it gets loose and falls off so Greg or I have to tie it back on. But when it's on she'll say 'Mommy, do you like my pretty dress?' or 'Daddy, I'm a princess!' 


I was painting Avery nails last week (she gets so excited when we do nails) and as I was painting she looked in to my eyes and said "You the best mommy I've ever seen". It was so stinking sweet and heartfelt.

Drawing her Olaf snowman. Love her.


Just a forewarning - these photos are not complimentary in the least BUT Avery has been wanting to take photos of everything we do! A couple of weeks ago I took her to Hobby Lobby and I said 'wow Aves, look at the Christmas trees! Stand by one and I will take your picture!' So i took it and her response? 'Ok Mama you go over there and say cheese!' So then she took my pic!

Then this past weekend, the three of us where laying on the bed and out of nowhere she asks for my phone and tells Greg and I to get together and say cheese! LOL! 


Avery discovered a 'wild animal' in the backyard, according to her. Opossum. Except she was calling it a panda! Greg got rid of it but she cannot stop talking about it for the life of her! She explains that they aren't cute, they can bite us, they have big white tails, that his eyes were closed when we found it (and makes the cutest face) and that daddy threw the opossum in the trash!

But in all seriousness, that opposum was freakin gross. 


  1. Oh my goodness this is too darn cute! I just love her imagination and this post makes me so darn excited to meet our little!

    1. Oh Brandi, you will have endless fun with your little one! Every stage is awesome but when they start getting creative then the fun really starts!