Thursday, October 9, 2014

finding the joy in chaos

life is busy. it just is. greg & i were talking the other night and wishing there were just a couple more hours in the day. we dreamt of laundry being done, grass/lawn always taken care of, watching uninterrupted tv shows, getting all of our work done before heading home, having more time to exercise/play outside with Avery, read...wishful thinking!

but one thing i have been challenging myself to do lately, is to find the joy and laughter in all of our busy times. to pick out some of the simplest moments during the craziness and to appreciate them. to remember them. to laugh at them. below i am sharing some of those 'simple' moments with you that i have been grateful for over the last few weeks. 

Having an evening out with my husband. I know, a cigeratte. Yucky. But in this Tulsa bar you could still smoke inside so Greg and I thought it would be funny to take a pic.

Watching Avery eat soup and grilled cheese after swim lessons. It was chilly and rainy outside so this was the perfect meal. I have to stop and comment on how much I have been loving Tuesdays lately. Seems like a random day of the week, right? Tuesday evenings Avery (and I) has a 30-minute swim lesson. She is taking them my co-worker and her daughter, Olivia. Avery and Olivia have so much fun together. We try to get there a little early for the girls to play and for Emily and I to unwind after work. While we do lessons Greg has been going to a cycling class at the same time. Once he is done, he comes and watches the girls swim. We don't get home until almost 8PM but I enjoy our 'Prairie Life Nights' together. 

One Sunday we had no commitments so decided to visit our first pumpkin patch of the season. My friend, Sara, joined us. We went to a little local farm and had a great few hours picking out pumpkins, hayrack rides, seeing the animals and exploring the farm. 

Avery was so proud of this necklace that she made at daycare. As soon as she showed me she said, "I made this for you, mommy!" Avery has been doing AMAZING at daycare. She loves the kids there, enjoys Tammy and comes home worn out from a busy day of playing. We have noticed how many new songs she is singing, her increased interest in reading and the little projects they do. Feeling very fortunate that the transition was good for everyone involved.

It's no secret that Halloween is my favorite holiday so we started off the month making some spooky chalk designs. 

Loved watching Avery use her imagination make faces on the pumpkins.

Remember how I said it would be nice to have extra hours in the day for yard work? LOL Let's just say the grass was a little out of control the other week. Time got away from us and it was LONG.

Perfect fall morning while driving to work. Sunroof open, sun beaming through the windows, chilly enough for a light jacket, leaves beginning to change colors... Ahhhh.

Make-your-own-pizza-night. A success at the Haus house! Avery had too much fun putting on all her ingredients on and watching the pizza cook through the oven window. 

More pumpkin patch fun!

Enjoying s'mores on the patio. The deck never got stained, the weeds need to be pulled...but heck, we were enjoying our little outdoorsy dessert and none of those things seems to matter.

Visiting Aunt Katy at work while in Tulsa (post coming on that soon). We also visited MiMi at school. Avery announced Mimi and Katy were her best friends fowrevewr :)

Waffles for breakfast with my love. So happy and ready to start the day. Even though she is never concerned about time or being late. Teaches me to slow down sometimes, not everything needs to be rushed or hurried. 

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