Tuesday, September 23, 2014

avery updates

first things first: HAPPY FALL YA'LL! it's the most wonderful time of the year in my opinion. we are slowly getting all of the fall decor out and finishing up some outdoor projects. 

i thought i'd quickly write about what is new with avery. 

i might as well just call avery my little assistant. she came to work again one quiet friday. she asks to come back and help me with my 'jobs' every now and again. kid, you are going to be working the rest of your life! stay out of the office while you can!

we have been working on potty training! i'm proud to say that we are almost there! an occasional accident or wet diaper when she wakes up in the morning - but otherwise dry! she accomplished her biggest challenge yet: pooping on the potty chair! with the help of her pediatrician giving mommy & daddy some advice, she is no longer running to hide to go #2. big girl panties, here we come!

our little fishy got her first 'floaties' and had a blast swimming on her own last weekend. (which are on clearance at Target for $7 - score!) it was so fun to see her in action. we are on to our second round of swimming lessons at prairie life, as well. 

avery tried sushi for the first time! well...kind of...she didn't keep it in her mouth long. however, she loved the noodles and chicken from the lettuce wraps. 

chilly weather = hot chocolate! we've already had some chilly fall weather, which meant warming up some hot chocolate and enjoying a tasty treat after work ;) her first time drinking it and loved it. 

chilly weather also equals = bonfires! greg, aves & i celebrated a friend's birthday with a bonfire. i was so excited for avery to rock her little vest. hoping to have more bonfire & s'more nights in the coming weeks!

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