Tuesday, August 19, 2014

closing a chapter

summer is nearing it's end. it's been for the books, let me tell you. busy with lots of activities. we've explored new places, met new friends and gained a new appreciation for the outdoors. i never knew that getting some fresh air was such a remedy for toddlers!

we had our fair share of surprises - lightning hit our house while we were out of town - causing damage to the exterior and interior of our home, greg's bike was stolen out of our garage the following day {still waiting to get that darn thing back}, our tires gave out on a road trip down to tulsa {thanks Papa for helping us out with that!}, our nephew was born 2 weeks early, and nanna announced her retirement...just to name a few!

i feel like avery grew from a toddler into a little girl over the summer. we've been holding her extra tight as she transitions into her daycare this month. it hasn't been the easiest. lots of tears when i dropped her off the first week, but she is getting better and better each day. when i come to pick her up she is playing and dancing with her new friend, lila. she tells me she is having lots of fun so that makes me feel better!

i always look forward to fall and everything that comes with it. but i am really going to miss this mild-weathered summer. swimming after work, greg throwing brats on the grill as we run around the backyard, the tv turning on only after avery's bathtime, going on wagon rides to see the ducks each night, tan lines.....so many things i love about summer 2014. we are closing a chapter and moving on to a new one - full speed ahead!

** I must note that my phone fell in the toilet and broke so I lost a good two weeks-worth of photos! Boo!

Final US World Cup Game at Barrett's. Super fun and CRAZY with cheering and beer spraying everywhere when we scored. Culture shock for sure for me.

Evening before the 4th was spent in the suite at the Homerun Derby. Fireworks and all!

4th of July wedding for one of my co-workers. Avery was obsessed with her 'princess dress'.

Silly hubby

My little fam! And my scary eyes...

Zoo Day with the Wagner's!

Derby's Annual 5th of July party in Cedar Creek!

Found a new babysitter!
Not a good pic...BUT the first night on our new mattress. Nothing fancy but it was time to replace out 12 yr old+ mattress...

One of my favorite sites to see in the summer - swim suits and towels drying after a day at the pool.

Staycation at the Arias'! Love our dinner club friends!

Take 1...

That's better :)

Baby Jacob Scott is born! Avery calls him 'Jay-Pub'. We went down to visit the following week and Avery loved him. Unfortunately for me, all of those photos were on the toilet phone :(

JDRF walk with Lockwood Development

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