Thursday, July 17, 2014

life with avery

Life with a 2 year could not be any more fun, exciting and BUSY! Everyday is different! I feel like Greg & I are constantly laughing about something adorable she says. We are also learning to be the authoritative figures and learning to give choices, which is something that is new to us. I feel like when she was younger I was mommy the nurturer and mommy the playmate. Now I also feel like I have added in mommy the boss. Mommies wear many different kinds of 'hats' I am learning :)

Here are some facts about Avery at the age of 2:

- Nicknames to date: Aves, Tootie, Tootie Fruity, Honey. Are we weird for calling her Tootie?! HA
- The girl loves dipping her food. BBQ and ketchup to be exact. If we ask what she wants she reply's "Barbeque, ketchup...same!" And shrugs her shoulders. 
- I always hoped Avery would be girly like me. I honestly know nothing about sports, bugs, etc! Well, my wish came true! In full force! Avery is all about princesses, pink and dresses. Her favorite princesses are Cinderella and Belle. She always reminds me, "I got brown eyes, like Belle. Mommy got blue eyes like Cinderella!" Currently, she refuses to wear anything but a dress to daycare. So Mommy has desperately been trying to do laundry to keep all of Avery's dresses clean.
- She is getting better about trying different meats. Before she barely ate any. We had turkey burgers the other night and she had a good portion. The only thing she really doesn't attempt to try is salmon and I can't blame her. Greg is the best at convincing her to try her meat.
- We are working on potty training, but nothing intense yet. I know she is ready - I just think now mommy and daddy need to get on board.  I may sound lazy but seriously it's so much easier changing a diaper!
- Avery climbed out of her crib, opened her door and walked into mommy and daddy's room one night...on her own. She was really proud of herself and showed me how she got out. It is probably also time to convert to a toddler bed. We went to a furniture store the other night and she was obsessed with the little big girl beds.
- Avery LOVES to sing and dance. She puts on a real show if she is singing anything from Frozen. I am hoping to get her in a mommy & me dance class this fall. 
- Her favorite songs to sing are: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Hokey Pokey. She can count from 1-10 on her own. Can sing most of her ABC's. Knows all of her colors. She is getting awesome at memorizing books. We are working on shapes and learning to skip.
- Our beloved Nanna {daycare lady} is retiring. I knew it was coming. Her health wasn't good this last year and most of Avery's friends are moving on to preschool. So we had a find a new daycare lady. Luckily, Nanna has a daughter who also does daycare that is just down the road from us. Tammy! So Avery starts at Tammy's in a couple of weeks. I have to say that I'm a bit nervous. Avery is SO shy around new people. I hope she loves it as much as she's loved Nanna's house.
- We do a lot of pretend play these days. We play mommy and baby {i'm the baby} or mommy and doggy {i'm the doggy, unfortunately}. I get my diaper changed and Avery feeds me baby food and tells me where to crawl and teaches me words. If i say the word right she say 'Good job, baby!'. We play beauty parlor and do eachother's makeup. We have lots of picnics and go to the grocery store often. Greg also does these things and it's too cute.
- We are working on slowy weaning of the paci. For awhile there I was so embarrassed about that damn thing. We'd be a Target and Avery would be whining "Where's my paci? I want my paci!" I almost think it's more of a habit during the day vs being something soothing. I'm not going cold turkey so we are going to scale back a bit. We've been limiting it to just naps and sleep time. This morning she woke up and wanted her paci, so I gave her a choice and said "do you want your paci or to go pick out your applesauce?" {we always bring an applesauce on the road to Nan's}. She picked the sauce so threw her paci in her bed and that was that!
- We have been loving the outdoors. We've experienced beautiful weather so far this summer. Whether we go to the park, are water the plants outside, walking on the trails or visiting our neighbors ducks...I never realized how much i love and appreciate fresh air.
- I feel like some days we are dealing with more of the independent 3's than the terrible 2's. She wants to do everything 'herself or myself!' We have finally learned to let her try because most of the time she ends of up asking her our help anyways. :)

Swinging at the park. Wee! This is fun!

Just chillin with her homegirl...Mary!

Playing tug-of-war with Charlie.

Mac N Cheese - still one on of her faves.

More of daddy shining through - putting all of the hair supplies in order.

Avery chose the nicest shirt in her wardrobe to wear to daycare. She called it her dress shirt. 

Loves playing with her elephant in the bath. Combing his hair after we got out.

Helping mom unload groceries with her cart.

BIG smooches!

M&M's as a reward for eating all her dinner.

One of her many 'cheese!' faces. Ha

Learning to play baseball with daddy.

One of the many big girl beds she liked at Nebraska Furniture Mart.

Trying on hats at Target. She loves finding things that 'match'

This is what happens when we let her pick her outfit....