Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Summer is already shaping up to be a busy one for us! So many fun things to do!
  • We spent Memorial Day weekend in Tulsa visiting Greg's family. We had lots of fun celebrating Scott's birthday and Baby H. The baseball-themed shower was adorable and Megan received lots of amazing gifts. Avery was obsessed with Emily & Fischer (Haus family dogs). She'd boss them around and say 'That a good boy, Fischer!'
  • Avery spent a weekend with my parents so that Greg & I could power wash and sand the deck. What sounded like a good project ended up being miserable. We were sunburnt and exhausted but still managed to squeeze in a date night and trip to pool with my family.
  • My brother, Jon and his girlfriend returned from their month-long trip to Thailand. We surprised them at the airport and Avery was waving an American Flag banner! LOL! She was SO excited to see them. That weekend we hosted a BBQ for our family and Caitlin's so we could hear about the trip. Greg attempted his first brisket on the smoker and it was a hit!
  • Greg had been waiting for weeks to attend the Omaha Beer Fest in Aksarben Village. For him, it was like Christmas. Sampling all kinds of different craft beers. Not my cup of tea but I'm glad that Greg got to do it. He even tried a ghost pepper beer with Steve and they nearly died! Ha!
  • A couple of weeks ago we were due for a HUGE storm. Multiple tornados, wind, torrential rain... most offices closed early. It was freaky. Well, the storm ended up going North (opposite direction for us) so rain was the only thing we got. Luckily...
  • The CWS is in town again! Our little family made it down to the opening game. Avery slept most of the time, giving mommy and daddy come quality baseball time.
  • Greg & I celebrated our three-year wedding anniversary on June 10th! The day fell on a Tuesday, which meant swim lessons for Avery. So we spent the evening as a family :) At the end of the week Greg surprised me with dinner and movie! He even arranged for the sitter, made dinner reservations at Louie's Wine Dive and took me to a movie I'd been dying to see - Maleficent! He did a great job.
  • USA! USA! USA! The World Cup has officially started which means my husband has full reins of the TV for the next month. 
  • Oh and we can't forget about a very special day in June - Father's Day! Breakfast in bed + gifts + lunch with my dad + World Cup + Home Depot & True Value + car washes + grilling hamburgers & brats = one happy daddy! Thank you, Greg, for being such a wonderful daddy to Avery. 
And that, folks, is what we've been up to! I love looking through these photos - this is what summer is all about. Living the simple life with spending lots of time outside, grilling, laughing with family and friends....just the best.

No filter needed...just a gorgeous summer evening!

Mmmm brisket!
Avery helping to set up for the BBQ!

Daddy's new chaccos.

Pre-power washed deck...yuck!

This is what happy hour looks like for toddlers. Sipping on some apple juice on a Friday evening.

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