Monday, May 19, 2014

more haus updates {pic overload!}

  • Easter was spent in Lincoln with my family. Aves loved the Easter egg hunt in my parents front yard. After she picked up as many eggs as she could, she threw her fist in the air and exclaimed "I DID IT!"
  • Nanna, Avery's daycare lady, was sick for an entire week and a half with pneumonia. We were not only worried about her but worried about who was going to watch Avery! Luckily my sister helped out a lot. Aves made a few appearances to my office, too. It was fun the first time but the second time Avery kept telling me she wanted to go home...
  • Greg & I participated in the Omaha Crawl for Cancer with our dinner club. Our team was in honor of Kyle Longnecker's step-mom who recently passed away from cancer. Our team name was the Hippy Dippies and we rocked the hippie style well.
  • We have been working on our yard A LOT. Weekends and weeknights have been dedicated to getting our frumpy yard back in shape. I have to give the majority of the credit to Greg but Aves and I have been helping with what we can. We've been out there so much we even bought Avery her own pair of hot pink work gloves. HA! Our next project is re-staining the deck...
  • We are trying out Century Link! Haha! What an update, right? But for the price we could get so much more. I now get to watch my DVR'd shows in bed which feels like heaven on earth. 
  • We went on our first Thursday Taco Ride of the year!...and it was 50 degrees. A little chilly but made for a pretty open trail and open seating in Mineola. Kristin and Allie, her roommate, came for the first time and had a blast. Greg, Sara & Chop also joined. Greg wiped out and we tried rum-infused gummie bears, which were amazing!
  • My Mother's Day weekend was super busy and didn't quite end the way I wanted it - with Greg getting a bad migraine and me getting stuck in the HyVee grocery cooler {due to a tornado warning}. But hey, it could've been worse I guess!
  • My brother, Jon, graduated with her Master's in Engineering. I am beyond proud of him. He starts his job with Kiewit in Omaha at the end of June. Currently, he's exploring Thailand, Cambodia and a few islands with his girlfriend. 
  • Our Mother's Day gift to my mom and Grandma {and myself} was going to Wicked on Broadway. We made a fun night of it - dining at Plank and seeing the show. I loved it. 
  • And last but never least, we have been busy, busy, busy with our Avery. We've been exploring nearby trails, on bike rides and running around the yard. We went on our first trip of the year to the Lincoln Zoo and also want to Barnes and Noble to pick out books. We love doing new things, being active and making memories!

Celebrating Easter in Lincoln!

The 'I DID IT!' fist.


When work got a little boring, we decided to go home and do some bubbles instead...

Notice all the papers under my desk? Thanks Aves...


Greg took Avery to a children's workshop at Home Depot while I was at my hair appointment - she had so much fun making a wooden flower pot.


Love these ladies!

My Mother's Day wouldn't be complete without a check-up from Dr. Haus!

Brrrr! Standing in the HyVee cooler for 20 minutes...



Our ballerina, Thomas the Train-finatic that loves dinosaurs...that's our Avery! Very original.

New favorite book!

New favorite friends...mannequins! ;/

And our new favorite place to play - Chalco! Loved the nature playground and the trails. Avery wanted to look for reindeer and tree roots on our 'hike'.

Most beautiful baby doll ever!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

best toddler shoes

Here are our tried and true shoes that we love for Avery. When she grows out of them I always buy the next size up!

The ultimate spring/summer shoe. They are water resistant and allow for air to get into the shoe. Avery calls them her 'pocket' shoe. Even if you buy them a little big, the velco keeps their feet secure. My outdoorsy husband thinks these shoes are adorable. Each year they come out with new designs, which is nice. We buy Avery's from Von Maur. 

Avery has gotten the most use out of her sparkly silver TOMS. They go with everything! The silver is so versatile and can be worn with a casual daycare outfit or a little dress.  And they are very durable. Avery likes that she can help put them on. I get hers off the TOMS website or at Roots and Wings in Omaha.

Converse Chucks
Because every stylish kid needs these! FYI - they run a little big. Avery has had her pair for almost a year and still fits in to them. That's record time for a toddler! Also another versatile style that comes in different colors. The sole is just like an adult's so they are fine to walk in mud, rain, etc. I have found them at Target and at Von Maur.

I have also been loving the jellies we are seeing so much this season for kids. Avery has a couple different pairs BUT they give her blisters! Adorable shoes but not the most comfortable for kids unfortunately.

PS - i have so many photos to post but need an extra cord to plug in to my computer. we recently got new phones!