Wednesday, April 23, 2014

the working out debacle II

Earlier this month I wrote a post regarding exercise as a new mom. Immediately after I wrote the post I decided it was time to take action! I called a bootcamp gym not far from my house, asked if it was too late to join the April class and told the trainer I'd see him on Monday. So there I was - at 5:15 - ready to get my a$$ kicked! And I have to tell you, it's only been a month and I feel amazing. I feel amazing in ALL aspects of my life and it's great. 

So I guess i've found my way to squeeze a workout in {and a good one}! SO thankful that my best friend, Sara, agreed to go with me though. It really helps having someone you know in the class :)

Swimsuit weather, here we come!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

i love you, i promise.

I haven't written my post about Avery turning two. Maybe I'm not ready to come to terms with the fact that I have a two year old running around the house. It's crazy, I tell you! The age of two has become so fascinating to me because it seems like everything that they have been soaking up over the last years starts to show through their actions. You see it through the way they take care of a baby doll or the way they stand in front of mirror and pose because they've watched you try on outfits each morning while you are getting ready for work. And you learn things about yourself that you never even knew. I learned {through watching and listening to Avery} that when I cook I explain the directions aloud and say 'now, next...' way too much. I learned that I say 'be careful' so much that Avery now tells me the same thing if I'm doing anything she deems dangerous. 

But perhaps my most favorite thing that I have learned is how good it feels to hear a heartfelt compliment. When Avery looks me in the eyes and says  "you're beautiful, mom! you're perfect!" can anything really feel more wonderful than that? Or when we are playing and Avery runs over and holds me close and says, "i love you mom! i promise!' How did she learn that? 

Over the last two years, Greg and I have learned far more about parenting than we ever imagined. We never knew we'd have so many conversations about poop, timeouts, medical bills, and teething. We learned that parenting takes teamwork, communication and patience. We've found out the importance of budgeting and that a fun Friday night can mean a trip to the store or a long walk as a family.

As scary and as overwhelming as being a new parent can be, we do the best we can with what we've got in hopes that we are doing something right. When that baby enters the world, our lives become dedicated to giving that baby the best life we can. It usually means less time and energy spent on mom and dad :) We learn a new lesson, which is "it's not all about me anymore." At times, it can be hard. We question ourselves one too many times, we over analyze and compare. And then we have these moments like the ones I mentioned above - where we see our little ones swaddling a baby doll, rocking and singing and kissing the baby's head. Or they come up to you out of the blue just give you a hug. Don't get me wrong, not all moments are roses with toddlers BUT seeing these things are signs that they are learning love and what it means to show love and kindness. And they learned it from YOU. YOU show them what love is.

My sweet Avery has been the most beautiful thing that has ever entered my life. She has shown me what it means to truly love something more than life itself. She has shown me that unexpected surprises can be the best surprises ever. I am so grateful that God chose me to be her mom. 

I love you, Avery! I promise! Cross my heart 10 millions times over and over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

home depot & columbus

We had an awesome weekend. Had the best of all worlds: time with friends, time with family and time with extended family.

On Friday evening, our monthly Dinner Club started back up. It will probably be one of the lasts until late summer/early fall. Once the spring and summer season rolls around, everyone seems to get so busy and it's hard to coordinate 6 couples' schedules. We always look forward to these nights.

Our Saturday was spent together - just the three of us! We had a nice breakfast at Summer Kitchen. Avery wanted to try a new concoction of strawberry jelly on her pancakes, which was a hit. Then we ran over to Home Depot to get supplies for Greg's rain collection barrel and mulch. We also took a look at trees, bushes and patio furniture. I want a new patio table and chairs so bad. Apparently Home Depot was the place to be this weekend because it was swamped! We {or I should say Greg} began power washing our deck while Avery and I racked leaves and picked up branches and sticks around the yard. I had no idea that yard work took so much time AND energy. Greg & I were so exhausted on Saturday that we crashed early! Our bodies were beat.

Avery and I made a trip to Columbus, NE to visit my grandparents and see my parents who were needing their Avery-fix. Greg stayed back to watch a soccer game and finish some stuff up at this office. We had such a fun day seeing everybody. We ended the evening going to Greg's soccer game and cheering him on. Well, kind of. Avery had more fun running back and forth and yelling 'Go team, dad!' and 'Dad! Get your ball!'.

A weekend well spent, if you ask me.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

the working out debacle

I have to write this post because my work ladies and I were just having a pow-wow over exercising. And it's completely timely because exercising has been seriously on my mind now for the last month. Some of us are new moms, others are planning a wedding...and all of us are feeling FAT. BLAH!

For those moms that read this blog - how the heck do you find time to work out??? Do you do it early in the morning? That would be okay as long as your baby isn't up all night! That would also mean going to bed earlier than normal; which would mean less cleaning of the house, spending alone time with the hubby AND not watching as many DVD-ed shows {gasp! god forbid!}.

Or do you work out after work and take turns with your hubby? For instance, Monday night you go to the gym and then Tuesday night your husband goes. But then when do you get quality family time? How do you eat dinner together? And what if one of you has to work late?

Maybe you work out after your kids are in bed? If you do - where the hell does your energy come from? By 9:00 at night, this girl wants nothing but a long shower and a comfy bed.

I get it. People figure it out. I guess I just haven't yet. I have always been someone who has liked my sleep, loved my food and enjoyed my relaxation & 'me' time. And unfortunately those things aren't helping me with my weight. After I had Avery I was feeling so good about myself. I was breastfeeding and the baby weight was coming off more and more. My co-worker always joked with me and said "The last 5 pounds never leave!". I thought, ya right I'm the exception. I was wrong.

As a matter of fact, when I went in for my yearly appointment yesterday, I weighed 5 pounds MORE than I did when I was 9 weeks pregnant. I know as we get older our metabolism changes as well. But I think Greg and I eat pretty darn good and healthy for the most part. After we saw photos from our trip to Colorado, we looked at each other and said 'it's time to make some changes'. Greg has since joined a soccer league with some old buddies. They play once a week and Greg is thrilled. I still do my yoga every Wednesday. However, both of us agree that that's not enough.

So enough of my ranting. Just thought I'd vent and share my thoughts and frustrations. I know it will never get easier and there will never be more time in the day, just wondering how to balance it all out!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

haus updates

Okay, it's april??? Where is the time going??? I had 3 posts that I was in the process of completing in March and never got around the finishing. So I suppose I will start with some updates with the Haus Family.

First and foremost, we celebrated Avery's 2nd birthday in March. So hard to believe. Greg & I both agree that this is the most fun age EVER! We are enjoying every single moment with our little girl. Avery had a fiesta-themed birthday party {I will post more on that later} with friends and family at Roja Mexican Grill complete with a nacho bar, Elmo cookie cake and lots of fun new toys. Unfortunately her second birthday was spent at home with a double ear infection and high fever. We didn't even get around to making a homemade chocolate cake together like I had planned. :(

Along with her double ear infection, her tube came out of her left ear. For now she is on a preventative antibiotic to see if the fluid goes away. If not, she may need another tube in... This has also been a month a sickness for mama! I usually get a sinus infection twice a year but this month I had a upper respiratory infection twice. VERY strange for addition, allergies are already in full gear. Luckily, I am on the mend.

Greg and I took a 'spring break' vacation with the Wagner's for a long weekend. We had lots of fun staying off of Main Street in Breckenridge. We snowmobiled, {which was amazing} tubed, shopped, ate at fun restaurants and most importantly enjoyed some relaxation & adult time. Everytime we leave Colorado we ask ourselves why we don't live there. Such a beautiful state with so much to see and do.

We told each other next time we are bringing the kiddos! Whether it's summer hiking or learning to ski we want them to grow up experiencing Colorado, too.

The St. Patty's Day parade is an Omaha tradition for us. We have gone every year except for 2012 when my due date fell on parade day. I was so upset I didn't have a baby to bring with and a drink in hand that I decided to throw a pity party and shop instead. SO! This year we were excited to takes Aves because she was the perfect age to watch the parade and catch the candy thrown. The St. Patty's Day parade always takes place on the Saturday before the holiday in the Old Market. It became a tradition about 5 years ago with my good friend, Sarah, invited us to go down with her boyfriend's family {who are St. Patty's fanatics}. At one point in time, it was a great way to spend the day drinking with friends. Times have changed a little since now that we have families :)

This past month we've also enjoyed some beautiful, spring weather! We are so ready for nightly walks, BBQing for dinner and wearing sandals!

We also attended our first Creighton baseball game of the season {my company has a skybox at TD Ameritrade} and dealt with our first case of pinkeye...yuck!

A few other things to note from this past month: my dad tore his ACL while skiing with my brother. He had his surgery and is doing good. Therapy for the next 16 My mother-in-law celebrated her birthday the day before Avery. MiMi and PaPa then got to spend a long with weekend with Avery while we were in Colorado.  Jeff & Megan Haus found out they are having a BOY! Yay! And last but not least, March 31st marked four years since Greg proposed to me. And I can remember it like it was yesterday :)