Monday, March 3, 2014

exciting news!

I am very excited for a couple of reasons! 

First off - I don't think I've announced that Avery is going to be a big cousin in July! Greg's oldest brother and wife {Jeff & Megan} are expecting their first baby! We are so thrilled for them! Just wish we lived closer so the cousins could grow up together. Tonight they make the big announcement as to whether they are having a boy or girl! My first thought was girl, then boy and then I had a dream last week they had a girl. Greg is going with girl. 

Also - Avery is going to be a flower girl in the fall! One of Greg's best friends from high school is getting married in October. Greg is the best man and they asked this past week if Avery would like to be their flower girl! YAY! Let's hope by fall she is ready to walk down the aisle solo. We are going to begin practicing now.... :)

I will leave you with some photos from this weekend. Is it just me or is this winter lingering on and on? According to the news, this is one of the coldest winters in 15 years. I can believe it. Yesterday I didn't even leave the house, or my pajamas for that matter - and that is just plain pathetic! 

Not only is Avery asking me to go potty, when she sits on the chair we have to told our hand to our ear and listen to hear the potty! After she goes she has to check it out. Guess I better start sanitizing better...

We got REAL bored yesterday so we made a homemade princess costume. We went from princess to dinosaur in a matter of minutes. But don't worry, she was a nice and BIG dinosaur {according to Avery}. 

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