Monday, February 10, 2014

weekend faves!

Here are a few of my favorite moments that happened over the weekend:

Avery having a conversation with her bathtub duckies. No joke - they have legitimate convos. They kiss, fight, swim. Love her creativity. 

I finished up Avery's birthday invites and put them in the mail today. Can't wait for the BIG 2! I also can't wait for our nacho bar, half price margs and seeing all of Avery's favorite friends and family.

Saturday night was spent drinking wine and watching the Winter Olympics with my siblings. 

Avery took her first trip to TJ's! Mini shopping carts? Score! The store went semi-smoothly minus a few meltdowns about Daddy having more apples in his cart, not getting to steer the cart on her own and opening up a roll of salami that we didn't want to buy...

Avery's reaction to the Arsenal soccer game. She took the loss much better than Greg...

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