Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Miss Little Chatterbox is constantly making Greg and I laugh with all of the funny things she says! This is such a fun age. Their imaginations begin to run wild! Here are some things we can't stop smiling about:

1. Bathtime - Avery has really gotten in to imaginary play. Give the girl a rubber duck in the tub and she is entertained for 20 minutes! Well, actually you have to give her 2 because they are 'friends'. They fight, play, wrap eachother up in the washcloth and smell eachother and say PEE-YEW! We love listening to the constant convos they have with one another. Makes me think she is reenacting what happens at daycare. 

2. Speaking of daycare, now when Avery goes down the stairs to Nanna's she has to annouce she is here. She yells, 'Hi everybody..I here!' 'I coming!!'. The other morning, she physically took my hand and led me to the door so I'd leave to go to work. She gave me a big hug and said 'ok, bye momma!'. She did something similar today. I love that she loves daycare!

3. Yesterday, Greg was asking Avery which shirt she wanted to wear she got frustrated with him asking and said, 'No! I NOT pick my shirt!' Said with such affirmation! 

4. We are constantly reenacting naptime. Except Avery puts everyone down for bed - her stuffed animals, babies, and me of course. She brings them into our room, lays them on opposite ends of the bed, brings everyone paci's. They MUST be tucked in under the sheets and then Avery gives kisses goodnight, she goes to shut the door and say 'goodnight. i promise!' Cracks me up. 

5. We have had to do quite a few time outs lately. But they work and Avery realizes she can't do that behavior after time out. Sometimes she gets mad about something and will pout and go sit in her time-out corner to 'cool off'. She has the biggest pouty lip I have ever seen...

6. Avery loves cookies! Who doesn't? I brought her and Greg a big cookie home one day and Avery ate the entire thing! So I asked her if she was the cookie monster. Her response: 'That not me. I Avery!' But since I have asked her so many times if she's the cookie monster her new response is "Cookie Monster? That me, I Avery!" I guess she is the cookie monster after all!

7. Greg and I always emphasize the members of our family; for instance we talk about which plate is Avery's, which blanket is Daddy's, what color is Mommy's car. So naturally Avery has to point out a mommy and daddy and baby in most scenerio's: books, the fish in Greg's fish tank, pictures, bathtub toys, etc. We love it but what will happen when we have another family member??

8. I bought chocolate pudding at the grocery store last weekend and Avery has already eaten all of it. It's her new favorite snack and her calls it her cake!

9. While I was vacuuming the couch awhile back I made the mistake of taking off all the cushions in front of Avery. She saw this as a window of opportunity to jump around on the couch. Now she asks to take off the cushions on a regular basis and she calls in her 'castle' complete with a door (a couch cushion) that opens and closes to let Daddy and Mommy in. Cheap entertainment, I guess!

More Avery-ism's coming soon! I know a lot of these I won't remember in the months to come so I've got to keep them coming!

Nap time for Avery's friends.

Avery got quite a few wonderful Valentines Day cards. She 'read' each of them to us.

Chocolate pudding/cake ;)

Welcome to my castle!

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