Friday, January 31, 2014

hi/bye january?!

January came and went quickly around here! Work is has been crazy busy. When get home from the office, all I want to do is spend time with my hubby and my Avery. So quite a few things have been lagging lately - cleaning, exercising, writing on this blog {to name a few}. 

Here is our month in photos:

We rang in New Years Day with some snow! And sadly I think the only snow we got in January. I could not believe how much Avery enjoyed playing in it! She wanted to build a snowman so bad!
We also baked some cookies on New Years Day. Such a relaxing day with my family.

Avery was hit with her first real stomach bug. Boy, that was a doozy. Praying that it doesn't strike for a long time. 

But if there's one thing Avery learned while being sick, it was how to be a good doctor/nurse.

Love this photo. Typical morning at our house. Daddy doing Avery's hair as she tries to squirm away.

One of the two beautiful days in January. Avery and I went grocery shopping and played outside. 50-degree weather in January rocks!

I am trying to get back in hot yoga again. Love my yoga and love a good challenge. Kristin, myself, Erika and her sis went together on a Monday evening.

How cute is Avery on this bike? We love Specialized brand!

As an early birthday gift, I got a brand new bike! I am beyond thrilled! Cannot WAIT for some warmer weather to use this baby!
Mimi and Aunt Katy came to spend a weekend with us. Another beautiful 60-degree day that was spent outside washing the cars.

Greg and my social calendar were kind of full this month. After my boss' engagement party, we stopped for some late night Mexican :)

Avery's new favorite word, "myself!" She wants to do everything on her own. Half the time it's adorable, the other half makes me a nervous wreck. This was an adorable moment when Avery helped make smoothies with mommy before work.

Art and Crafts!
Daddy had drinks with a friend while mommy and Avery had a girls night! Complete with chicago-style pizza {if you haven't tried Pudgey's in Omaha-do it!} and Beauty and the Beast. 

Aves sat through a good 40 minutes of the movie. Daddy came home and watched the rest with us. 

Momma got bangs - what do you think? They are slowly growing on me. It was time for a change. I have received many compliments, especially from my husband! Score!

We are all about makeup these days! Taking after Aunt Katy!

Time for a ride, mom! Greg's birthday gift to me - matching helmet!

I turned 28 this year! We had an awesome brunch at Louie's Wine Dive. 

Sickness strikes again! I can't complain though - this is only Avery's second cold this winter. Her poor chest and cough were so tight we decided on a breathing treatment.

My sister thinks Avery has OCD. It makes me laugh because both Greg and I have it but with completely different things. Avery always has to align each prince and princess the same way every time they sit at their table.

Diggin' the new art for our living room. Another good birthday gift. 

This month, I learned the importance of a good spouse. I now appreciate my spouse even more than I already did. Thank goodness I have a hubby that doesn't mind cleaning up puke or scrubbing out poopy clothes, who is patient when Avery is throwing a tantrum {yes, the terrible two's have hit} and also knows how to make his wife feel special on her birthday. Not trying to brag, but I picked a good one! Happy Friday to everyone!

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