Wednesday, December 18, 2013

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around our house. Every year I go in to the holiday season with high expectations of turning our home into Winter Wonderland, or in my case, a Nostalgic Christmas Home filled with lots of rustic reds, memorable ornaments, the scent of pine and GREENERY! So every year I make my annual trip to Hobby Lobby in hopes of creating a Pottery Barn-ish look until i get into the store and start adding up costs...nope can't afford it. This year I tried to embrace what I already had around the house and love how our living room turned out. I need to post pictures of our dining area and basement, along with little Christmas touches around the house. There's something about the classic red and green Christmas colors that makes me happy...

These photos were taken before I did any cleaning, so don't mind the random toys and whatnot around the house. C'mon we have a toddler!

Monday, December 9, 2013


Baby, it's cold outside! When temps get in the single digits, it's the perfect time to 1) truly appreciate a warm home and 2) cuddle with the ones you love. 

During the week, we've been doing plenty of crockpot meals, DVR watching in the basement, and flannel pj-wearing. I love this weather around the holidays. Call me crazy, but i wouldn't trade the four seasons for anything. 

This weekend we were able get in to the Christmas spirit with decorating the house and going on our annual double-date to the Nutcracker with the Wagners. On Sunday the Richter clan met at the outlet malls to do some Christmas shopping. It was a beautiful day, walking around the mall with the snow falling. 

We have a new family member in the house, Molly the elf. Avery likes Molly {or 'monny' as she pronounces it} except she is very concerned as to why Molly's hands are sewn together. Yesterday Avery was running too fast with Molly and the elf's plastic head bonked Avery in the face. Avery ran over to me crying and said, "Ouch, Molly hurt me!" Silly elf. 

Waking Avery up in the mornings are becoming more and more difficult. She is always so cozy in her bed.

And once she is up, she likes to hang out :)

Making chocolate chip pancakes with Daddy.

Helping to set up the Christmas tree.

Greg putting the star on the tree is tradition.

Avery's 'poop' corner...

Nice and cozy at the mall.

Poppy & Sissy at the mall, too.

Cookies and TV time.

New winter coat!
Stay warm, my friends!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

turkey {and ham} in tulsa

While I am knocking about 10 things off my work to-do list, I thought I'd be super woman and write a blog post, too! The lil Haus fam spent Thanksgiving in Tulsa this year. Every year we switch which holidays we spend with our families. Since Turkey Day was in Tulsa, Christmas will be in Lincoln with my family.

We made the road trip down to Oklahoma last Wednesday afternoon. We had beautiful weather the entire time we travelled and throughout the whole weekend. Thursday was spent in Norman with the traditional afternoon meal at Greg's aunt and uncles, followed by dessert and relaxing at Greg's grandma' house - which are right across the street from one another. 

Friday was spent visiting the remainder of Greg's extended family and getting some Haus family pictures taken. Everyone really wanted to see Avery and couldn't believe how big she had got. Since we hadn't been to Tulsa since May, they were right. She is a real toddler now! And she has the vocabulary to prove it! We also made a quick stop to Marshall Brewery for a tasting - Greg & Jeff love their beer.

Saturday was another busy day! We went to the TU football game with Jeff, Megan and Brad. Afterwards, met up with some of Greg's old high school friends for a drink and ended the evening with watching football and eating pizza from Greg's favorite place {Hideaway} with the entire Haus crew. Avery had her first 'poo poo' in the potty chair on Saturday! She told me she had to go poop, which she does often. So she layed down so I could change her diaper. Then I asked her if she wanted to go poop in the toilet - she didn't quite know so took her, took off her diaper and in one grunt a little turd came! She actually got freaked out about it but we made it a big deal with lots of cheering. Mimi even gave her a cookie to celebrate! HA!

Sunday morning we packed up our bags and got on the road again. We had lots of fun with everyone, as always. We made lots of fun memories. Who can forget our endless tea parties with Avery {among other things!}?!?

Anxious to get OUT of the car!

What the majority of all our Turkey day portraits look like...

Loving the food!

Nice stroll over to Gma Akin's

Cookies with Mimi

Marshall Brewery

Like father, like daughter

Avery learned a new favorite game - London Bridge!

Trying to stay busy on our way home!