Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Weekend

Why confine Halloween celebrations to just one night?! This is my favorite time of the year {as previously mentioned} and before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here and then Christmas! The forecast for Wednesday says there's a chance on snow. So I am trying to enjoy as much fall as I can, it never lasts long enough.

Luckily, we had good weather for trick-or-treating. Once we convinced Avery to keep her Halloween costume on, we headed up and down the block for the some candy. And let me tell you, this girl was on a mission. She walked from house to house and held out her treat bag like a champ. Greg and I took turns taking her up to the door. When we came home to hand out candy we were surprised to find that Avery LOVED helping! When the doorbell rang, Avery yelled 'kids!'. She ran to the door, picked out a piece of candy and put it in each trick-or-treaters bag! It was too cute. 

Thinking back to last year and Avery just crawling around in her little cupcake costume reminds that time really goes by too fast. Next year we will have an even more independent toddler on our hands.

Yes, we ate candy at 7:30AM on Halloween. Avery LOVES her sweets.

Quick trip to the chiro before trick-or-treating.

Handing out candy - so fun!

Halloween hangover...
Friday night was our monthly dinner club at the Elder's. It was Halloween themed! I seriously love the group of people we see every month. It's so nice to have some adult every once in awhile. 

The rest of the weekend was great - lots of family time. On Saturday we met Sara and Chop for lunch at Barret's. Greg was craving his favorite bloody mary and burger. To my surprise, Greg said he wanted to work on a pinterest idea i had shown him awhile back! It seems as though the chilly weather bring house projects inspiration our way and I love it! 

Greg worked hard both Saturday and Sunday to make gallery ledges for our dining area. They turned out amazing! Even better in person. This darn wall has been blank ever since I sold my mom a canvas that was hanging there. I just couldn't commit to a piece of art or decor that I was crazy about to replace to blank wall. After months of looking at gallery ledges I decided this was the best option. I wanted something bold and something that I could change around with my mood and the seasons. If you are like me, you are indecisive when it comes to decorating. So I am happy I went with this option. Photos to come of what I put on these beauties! And I special thanks to my husband who spent a lot of time on these. 

Don't mind the card chairs at the table or my daughter in the Burger King hat...hehe

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