Thursday, November 21, 2013

it's been awhile..

I'll admit, I haven't been the best blogger these past couple of months. I've had feelings of 'is my life really worth documenting? it seems so mundane and who wants to read about it...' lately. But I need remind myself that I'm not necessary writing for the readers {sorry!} but more for me, Greg and Avery. So we can look back in months, years and see what we were doing on a boring Thursday in November.

In a recent convo with Nanna, she told me one of her biggest regrets over the years was not documenting life. After awhile, pictures and memories all blend together and it's hard to know what happened and when. So! That makes me realize just how important it is to keep up with this blog. There may be times when I can't get to the blog for a week or two and that's okay as long as I pick up where I left off - or at least try to.


I left off with an important moment in November - Greg's 27th Birthday! Most men don't think too much about their birthdays but my husband sure likes to remind everyone when his is around the corner! This year Greg even ordered his large gift himself - a golf club that he had his eye on for months.  He can't wait to use that baby this spring. 

With this birthday on a Friday, we chose to go out and celebrate with a small group of friends in Benson. We were all excited until my mom called to say she was under the weather and unable to watch Avery! I was stressed, I made calls and texts all afternoon looking for a last minute sitter. As luck would have it, one of Kristin's friends was available. Thank goodness, the show could carry on! And a show it was... Greg drank way too much, fell asleep on our bathroom floor and didn't get out of bed until 11AM the next day. Clearly, the 27-year old can't drink like the 17-year old he once was. And that is probably a good thing. 

Thanks to everyone that came up to celebrate. Even though he can be a lush, he is still a pretty darn good guy that loves his family and friends to the moon and back. I love you, Greg!

Oh, and a special thank you to Madi, our last minute babysitter who graciously stayed late so we could enjoy a night out!

This time of year is also when we 'winterize' the house. A.K.A - Greg is outside raking leaves, caulking our siding, storing patio furniture, cleaning out the garage {so we can both fit our cars!}, unpotting flowers and did I mention racking leaves? We have a huge tree in our front yard that sheds like crazy.

While Daddy is out working like crazy to make our house look good, this is what we do:

We chaperon and make sure Daddy is getting everything done...

We clean out the fridge and question why Daddy gets a full shelf for his beer...

We make yummy food to munch on...

We come out and play in the leaves that Daddy is raking up. It's so fun!

We also occasionally help Daddy when the weather isn't too cold out, too.

This past Monday I had the pleasure of meeting one of my inspirations - Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman. She had a book signing that I wasn't missing for the world. My sister came after I convinced that we'd only be there for an hour tops since she had to work the night shift at the hospital. I left work an hour early and as we pulled up the the store, the line was nuts! We knew it was long but after waiting 6 hours outside in a light jacket in heels while carrying 4 hard-cover books...I questioned whether or not I was going crazy for waiting this long. Me and 4,000 other fans waited to meet this woman. I have to say she was even more beautiful in person. I have never wanted red hair until I saw hers...gorgeous. She was so sincere, too. I got to my car at 11:00 with 4 autographed books. I was a happy lady. Until the next day when I was seriously dragging at work!

Thanks for my slight obsession with this woman, I have no begun to read her book about her and Marlboro Man's romance. Greg thinks I'm crazy.

Last but never least, here are a few things Avery has been up to. She is talking in sentences like crazy. This morning she was telling my about eating broccoli! 

Something about this Burger King crown...she will wear it for long periods of time. Truly a princess!

Playing hide-and-seek in the curtains always make us laugh. We will hear her say 'A-we, are youuuu?'

We 'cheers' all of our drinks. Avery loves this.

Art by Avery. Playdough, paint, color, crayons...she LOVES it all.

We love makeup, too. She usually sits on my lap in the morning and we do makeup together. That doesn't make me late to work at all... :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

my two favorite quotes

Rarely do quotes speak to me as these both do, and I'll tell you why...

This quote probably wouldn't mean as much to me if I didn't do weekly yoga. At the beginning of our practice, our instructor always says to let go of the day's stresses and worries, let go of any tension you are bringing in to class and just be present. And for the longest time it was very difficult for me to do that. We would start the class and i'd think about a project at work or what to make for dinner, what bills were due or when they last time I talked to a friend was. I was having a hard time enjoying class because I was constantly in the past and in the future but never in the present. 

I started setting an intention at the beginning of my yoga class to simply 'let go'. Even if it was just for an hour, let go of whatever was weighing me down. Just stop, take a deep breath and exhale all of the worry away. Focus on what was happening now: my breath, how good it felt to stretch... Yoga has become a wonderful part of my life and helps with the concept of being present on a daily basis.

Flash forward to how this relates to every day life: how often do we find ourselves everywhere else but where we should be? Whether it is at work, having a cup of coffee with a friend or enjoying an evening with your family it is so easy to become distracted with thoughts that cloud the present moment. I am so guilty of this. It is important just to sit back, take a deep breath and soak in what is happening now. Not tomorrow, not last week. Now. My favorite memories are typically impromptu ones that weren't planned and i was fully engaged in the present moment. A funny joke, the way Avery plays with her baby dolls, having family all together at one time...simple moments that may never happen just like that again.

So i have just talked about the importance of being in the present moment and my second favorite quote focuses on the quality of that moment:

I often have visions of how I want my life to be: two kids, a dog, an old home, successful jobs, etc. But I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy what I have now. No need to rush life, it's important to just let it happen and to make life good, one day at a time. Bring positive vibes to your day and to whoever you meet. This can be hard if it's been a stressful day or there are other factors going on in life.  But life only happens one day at a time. So you might as well make it a good one!

Well, this was an incredibly different post then what i typically write but i have wanted to share these quotes with my friends for awhile. Almost sounded hippy-ish! Enjoy and Namaste!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Weekend

Why confine Halloween celebrations to just one night?! This is my favorite time of the year {as previously mentioned} and before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here and then Christmas! The forecast for Wednesday says there's a chance on snow. So I am trying to enjoy as much fall as I can, it never lasts long enough.

Luckily, we had good weather for trick-or-treating. Once we convinced Avery to keep her Halloween costume on, we headed up and down the block for the some candy. And let me tell you, this girl was on a mission. She walked from house to house and held out her treat bag like a champ. Greg and I took turns taking her up to the door. When we came home to hand out candy we were surprised to find that Avery LOVED helping! When the doorbell rang, Avery yelled 'kids!'. She ran to the door, picked out a piece of candy and put it in each trick-or-treaters bag! It was too cute. 

Thinking back to last year and Avery just crawling around in her little cupcake costume reminds that time really goes by too fast. Next year we will have an even more independent toddler on our hands.

Yes, we ate candy at 7:30AM on Halloween. Avery LOVES her sweets.

Quick trip to the chiro before trick-or-treating.

Handing out candy - so fun!

Halloween hangover...
Friday night was our monthly dinner club at the Elder's. It was Halloween themed! I seriously love the group of people we see every month. It's so nice to have some adult every once in awhile. 

The rest of the weekend was great - lots of family time. On Saturday we met Sara and Chop for lunch at Barret's. Greg was craving his favorite bloody mary and burger. To my surprise, Greg said he wanted to work on a pinterest idea i had shown him awhile back! It seems as though the chilly weather bring house projects inspiration our way and I love it! 

Greg worked hard both Saturday and Sunday to make gallery ledges for our dining area. They turned out amazing! Even better in person. This darn wall has been blank ever since I sold my mom a canvas that was hanging there. I just couldn't commit to a piece of art or decor that I was crazy about to replace to blank wall. After months of looking at gallery ledges I decided this was the best option. I wanted something bold and something that I could change around with my mood and the seasons. If you are like me, you are indecisive when it comes to decorating. So I am happy I went with this option. Photos to come of what I put on these beauties! And I special thanks to my husband who spent a lot of time on these. 

Don't mind the card chairs at the table or my daughter in the Burger King hat...hehe