Tuesday, October 15, 2013

wonderful weekend

Now that Greg has both Saturday AND Sunday off, we have had lots of time to do family things. I love it! I decided to take full advantage of the awesome fall weather we had this weekend by staying busy with outdoor activities.

On Friday, I picked up Avery and we went for 'happy hour' at Culvers. We always share some cheese curds! The weather was so darn nice out that we played outside until Daddy got home. I had found a kitchen table on craigslist earlier that day that I loved, so Greg, Avery and I went to check it out. We ended the evening with DVR catchup and a slumber party in Mommy & Daddy's bed.

Avery is REALLY starting to put together sentences. When she saw me try a curd in the car, she said "Avery too? Avery bite!"

She can be a little bossy - directing everyone exactly where she wants them to sit. Tonight - it was the stroller. She told Daddy to sit and when he did she said, 'ooo BIG!'

Here is the table! I think we are going to paint all black. I love it!

My little mommy! Making sure her baby has a blanket and can't forget to read her baby a book.

On Saturday, Sara and I went to JunkStock. It's essentially the same concept of a farmers market, except most all of the goodies there are antiques and 'junk'. I am the first to admit i am not an antique person but some of the things were really neat. It was overwhelming how much stuff was there for sale...and how expensive it was! We then spent the afternoon as a family, running errands.

Do you like the 'coon hat? It was cheap purchase at JunkStock!

Sunday was a full-on family day! Even though my allergies were bad, I didn't let it stop me from being outside. Avery was healthy, the weather was nice, Greg was home - it was family time!

We slept in (Avery slept til 9AM!) and then went to mass, Jason's Deli for lunch and then off to Ditmar's Orchard for apple picking. It was a quaint little place but cheap and we enjoyed being outdoors and seeing all of the people. The orchard had a band, a corn maze and a play area that Avery enjoyed. 

We spent the rest of the evening doing outdoor chores, setting up the rest of our Halloween decor and tidying up the house. That evening I cooked a rib-sticking meal, I had my pumpkins lit up and a spooky movie was playing as I gave Avery a bath. One of my favorite moments so far this fall!

Going to church is hard work!

On the hayrack ride, Avery was convinced it was a train. Everytime we saw it, she said CHOO CHOO!

The minimal expression from Avery is due to the nap she refused to take today.

Loved this evening so much I had to document the ambience in the living room LOL!

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