Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Loving the rainy, chilly days that come with fall.
Perfect crockpot weather.

One of the last breathing treatments for Avery. Yipee!

Avery's very own pumpkin she picked out at Hy-Vee.

MiMi and PaPa came to spend the weekend with Avery...
and Greg and I :)

Surprise package came with our Honest Diaper Bundle - a cute toddler!

3rd Annual Dinner and Haunted House with the siblings!

Dinner & Wine at Jams.

Grabbing a bite at Summer Kitchen before the Haus' head back to Tulsa. The next day Avery looked everywhere for Mimi!

Avery the owl! Attending Spooktacular at the zoo.

Greg made a delicious salmon dinner the other night.

Nanna gave Avery her favorite stuffed animal, Barney. She was so excited. She sleeps with Barney everyday.

Feeding Barney cheese as soon as we got home.

Enjoying a little father/daughter time as I clean the house.

Avery is obsessed with a spider ring my mom gave her. 

Avery finally has black jeans like mommy and Aunt Sissy!

Our favorite thing to do - trace our hands!

Even princesses have to help clean sometimes!

Napping with Barney.

2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving at the Derby's! Avery and Ashlyn got to paint their pumpkins.

Spending the day in Lincoln for church, brunch and more pumpkin carving!

Getting the decor all set up for Avery to see!

More painting for Avery.

The gang - Kristin had to work. Greg is plotting his pumpkin design!

Dad was very proud of his design this year!

So here is what we've been up to! Lots of Halloween activities! Cannot wait for trick-or-treating this year! Stay tuned for pictures!

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