Friday, October 4, 2013


I am writing this post for all those mama's out there that read my blog because gosh darnit, seeing your baby sick is just miserable:

Avery has bronchiolitis/alveolitus. After a 2 hour doctor appointment complete with x-rays and breathing treatments, we headed home {well, Hy-Vee first to pick up her prescriptions}. 

I left completely frustrated that Avery was this sick. How did it happen?? Well, let me share her story so that other parents know what signs to look for. The doctor said he is already seeing many cases of this and pneumonia starting much earlier than normal in the flu season.

The first week in September Avery caught a cold. No big deal, right? After 10 days of a cold and cough, we go and see the doctor. The doc doesn't hear anything in her lungs and says she should be about done with the runny nose, etc. A week later, Avery woke up with a high fever and congestion with thick mucus. We take her to the doctor on a Saturday - and is diagnosed with a sinus infection. We start her on an antibiotic and assume things will clear up by Monday. 

So Monday comes, and Avery seems to be on the mend. Until the end of the week when we notice her runny nose and cough are back and aren't getting better. Greg calls the doctor on Friday. They say wait another week and if the symptoms are still there, they'd like to see her. Then last Saturday, Avery woke up not feeling well, again! Really bad congestion and very irritable.  So we start thinking about what is going on - allergies? antibiotic not strong enough? caught something viral in addition to bacterial?

I called the doctor this past Monday, explained what was happening and they gave her a new antibiotic to try. However, they medicine wasn't kicking this sickness either. Now, Avery was loosing her appetite and not sleeping through the night. I knew something wasn't right, but didn't know what. 

Thursday I take Avery to Nanna's. She is fine and playing when I leave. Nanna calls me at about 3:00 to tell me she is very worried about Avery's cough, loss of appetite and says she thinks Avery is having a hard time breathing. So I call the doctor and we set up an appointment for today. As soon as I hang up the phone, Nanna calls back and tells me Avery has a temp! What the heck?! Very weird to develop that while on these meds. When I pick up Avery, she is visibly having a hard time breathing. I go in to full-panic-mom-mode. I call the doctor to get in immediately.

After waiting an hour in the waiting room, we finally see a doctor. He listens to her lungs and can hear fluid. We take x-rays, ibprofun and do a breathing treatment. The breathing treatment made a night and day difference. Avery went from barely being able to say 'tickle' to reading a book! {sidenote: Avery now wants to 'tickle' everyone - especially babies!}  The reason for her shortness of breath is that her bronchial tubes are inflamed and so are her air sacs (alveos ?).  Her fever is the body's natural reaction to this happening. The doctor tells me I did the right thing by bringing her in ASAP. If I had waited a day or two, this could've developed in to pneumonia.

So to hopefully kick this to the curb, we will be doing breathing treatments 2-3 times a day, taking a steroid for 3 days and staying away from crowds and daycare until her fever goes away. As I said earlier in this post, the doctor told me he is seeing pneumonia start a lot earlier this year. He also said the fluctuating temps outside really miss with our bodies. So thanks, Nebraska, for giving us 80-degree weather one day and 50-degree weather the next...

So it's important to really monitor your baby even if it's just a simple cold. Oh, the reason antibiotics weren't working - what Avery has is viral. But since it's viral, that means it's contagious. So Greg and I will be having a sanitizing party this weekend for all the toys, books, etc this weekend!

Here are some things to watch for to make sure this doesn't happen to your baby:

  • Serious loss of appetite, for a prolonged time
  • Restless sleeping, I always know when Avery isn't feeling good at night because she almost sounds like she is whimpering vs. mad and wants to play
  • Constant CLEAR runny nose vs green
  • Raspy breathing
  • When Avery had a hard time breathing, it almost sounded like little grunts every few seconds


  1. poor little girl! Liam had Influenza A which I'm glad didn't turn into pneumonia or anything worse. He is still out of daycare until Monday though :/ I know how ya feel!

    1. Life doesn't function the same when our babies are sick! I hope the poor guy gets better soon!