Monday, September 30, 2013

no more mullet

Our last couple of weekends haven't been as awesome as I have wanted. And I blame that on Avery's month-long cold that turned in to a sinus infection that her antibiotics couldn't handle. Grr! So we are on our second round of stronger meds and hoping that it will give our baby girl some relief. 

But in the meantime, here is what last weekend brought us:

Greg, Avery and I had a very low-key Friday with grocery shopping, dinner at home and a movie. If you havent' seen World War Z - rent it!

Oh and for the record, my hubby let Avery pick out what she wanted to wear to daycare on Friday - her dress we brought back from Jamaica! We had a few interesting looks at the store...

Hard to see in the pic, but Avery and I have matching brooms. She loves to help me sweep.

On Saturday Avery had her very first haircut. Goodbye, mullet! Hello, cute lil bob! Greg and my mom were so worried her little curls would fall out with the cut but they stayed and Avery looks even more adorable with her new hair-do. We then met my family in Dundee for the Dundee Days Parade. Walking around the neighborhood made Greg and I miss that area so much. We kept saying, 'we've got to get back here!' We dined at Varsity Pizza and then went back to our house so Greg and Pete {Kristin's boyfriend} could watch the OU/Notre Dame game. By evening time, Avery was feeling miserable. So congested and ended up sleeping in bed with Greg and I.

On Sunday my parents came up to spend time with Avery while Greg and I went to the Street of Dreams. I wanted to get some marketing ideas and, of course, get some design inspiration. We ended the day with some yard work and the premier of a few fall TV shows {on of my favorite parts of Sept/Oct}. Is it sad that we have about 15 shows we watch in the colder months?

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