Tuesday, September 17, 2013

monkey see, monkey do

We spent the entire day at the Wagner's house on Saturday. Steve and Erika are good friends of ours and their son, Henry, about the same age as Avery. So it was fun to have them play together. Henry's cousin, Wyatt, was also over for the day. We watched the Husker game, spent time outside and started up the fire pit once it became dark. It was a great start to this chilly fall weather we've been experiencing - my FAVORITE kind of weather!

Watching the kiddos play together was totally monkey see, monkey do. If Henry wanted to read a book, so did Avery. If Avery wanted to run up and down the hall, so did Hen. They spent the majority of the day mimicking one another. It was too cute. 

I made homemade pepperoni rolls for the game. They were delicious! So good I made a second batch the next day :)

Watching Thomas the Train

Playing playdough.

Ending the day with bath time together! Thanks again Wagner Family for letting us spend the day with you!


Other things we've been up to:

Enjoying evening walks with daddy. Daddy gets adventurous with Avery and they play on the swingsets. Mommy just likes to document.

Enjoying a family happy hour with Aunt Sissy & her roomie, Allie at Roja.

Do you think we got enough food?? I swear, I have never seen Avery eat as much as she does when we dine here.

Avery had her 18 month appointment on Friday - more on that later!

My office building had a Husker tailgate Friday evening. It was a blast!

We ended the night with car washing. Check out our big helper!

On Sunday, the weather was chilly and cloudy. But that didn't stop Avery & I from going to the park and neighborhood trails.

Walking Stick!

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