Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day 2013

Our Labor Day was grand. It truly felt like a 3-day weekend. We were supposed to visit some family that was in town for the weekend but those plans fell through. So there was no traveling, no real set was a nice change of pace.

Friday was Sara & Chop's reception at the Omaha Press Club. On Saturday Greg, Avery and I did random things around the house. Greg worked a party at the zoo in the evening so Avery and I had a nice girl's night of swimming and pizza. On Sunday, Kristin and I took Avery to the zoo. We also took a long walk around Chalco Hills. 

And then on Labor Day, Greg got off work early and we drove down to Cedar Creek to spend the day at the Arias' house on the lake with our group of friends. It was the perfect way to spend the holiday. Not to mention, the Arias' daughter, Ashlyn, was born on the same day as Avery! So it was fun to see them squeal and play together.

Now bring on September..which means COOLER weather, football, and the start of everything FALL!

---- Leading up to Labor Day weekend... Kristin, Amy, Sara and Traci {not pictured} came over to help make decorations for the wedding reception. We had a fun night, even if it was last minute!

Our dishwasher also broke. But that was a blessing since Greg and I have complained about the darn thing since we moved in. So now we have a brand new dishwasher that actually cleans dishes...who knew they did such a thing?!


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