Monday, September 30, 2013

no more mullet

Our last couple of weekends haven't been as awesome as I have wanted. And I blame that on Avery's month-long cold that turned in to a sinus infection that her antibiotics couldn't handle. Grr! So we are on our second round of stronger meds and hoping that it will give our baby girl some relief. 

But in the meantime, here is what last weekend brought us:

Greg, Avery and I had a very low-key Friday with grocery shopping, dinner at home and a movie. If you havent' seen World War Z - rent it!

Oh and for the record, my hubby let Avery pick out what she wanted to wear to daycare on Friday - her dress we brought back from Jamaica! We had a few interesting looks at the store...

Hard to see in the pic, but Avery and I have matching brooms. She loves to help me sweep.

On Saturday Avery had her very first haircut. Goodbye, mullet! Hello, cute lil bob! Greg and my mom were so worried her little curls would fall out with the cut but they stayed and Avery looks even more adorable with her new hair-do. We then met my family in Dundee for the Dundee Days Parade. Walking around the neighborhood made Greg and I miss that area so much. We kept saying, 'we've got to get back here!' We dined at Varsity Pizza and then went back to our house so Greg and Pete {Kristin's boyfriend} could watch the OU/Notre Dame game. By evening time, Avery was feeling miserable. So congested and ended up sleeping in bed with Greg and I.

On Sunday my parents came up to spend time with Avery while Greg and I went to the Street of Dreams. I wanted to get some marketing ideas and, of course, get some design inspiration. We ended the day with some yard work and the premier of a few fall TV shows {on of my favorite parts of Sept/Oct}. Is it sad that we have about 15 shows we watch in the colder months?

a new chapter

Well, i have some exciting news for our family! Greg has accepted a new job at Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies! Now I know what you are thinking - What?! No more zoo?? That is correct. Greg has been ready for some time now to make the transition to a different line of work. He is ready for a new challenge, a new environment and finally a normal Monday-Friday schedule.

I'm not gonna lie, I will really miss Greg being at the zoo. It was his first job out of college and I feel like part of who he is was being employed at the zoo. I loved going with Avery and seeing all of the behind-the-scenes activity. Friends and family were always so curious to hear about Greg's line of work. 

But you know what I won't miss? Greg working weekends - his new job is a Monday-Friday 8-5 job so we will get to spend 2 full days together as a family. I am also not going to miss Greg having to work a second job 2 extra nights a week - more time for family stuff! Yay! 

We keep talking about all of the things we will now be able to do more of as a family. Even something as silly as doing yard work and grocery shopping together has us excited! We have been dreaming of this day since Avery was born. And so we begin a new chapter of the Haus family's life. Never a dull moment!

Celebrating the exciting new with a dinner at Granite City!

Our new favorite hang-out - Old Navy! Aves couldn't get enough of Magic the talking dog!

This outfit is incredibly mis-matched...Avery had a blow out at daycare!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Avery - 18 Months

Dear Avery,

Baby girl! You are 18 months old. Writing that is just plain weird! Your mama hasn't blogged about your age in awhile! Apparently the older you get, the months all seem to blend together! I blame most of that on the chaos of life these days. 

You are really becoming her own little person, which is so crazy to see. I see so many characteristics of Daddy and me in you and some completely unique. We always laugh at your silly personality and if you are gone from Nanna's, she says her day is just not the same. You add so much spunk to so many lives. 

You love to learn, you love to learn how things work. Your little brain is always ticking and you go from one toy to the next to the next. You LOVE to play with babies. You feed you baby dolls their 'ba-ba's', you rock the babies and lay them in their crib and cover them with a blanket; you even burp your babies and rub their backs. You don't pay much attention to TV, which is a good thing. 

On Friday, the doctor said: you have a very large vocabulary for your age. And I couldn't agree more.  Now that I think about it, you pretty much repeat everything we say or at least try to! Greg and I are the decoders for people that can't understand her language :) You sing 'twinkle, twinkle little star, ABC's and help count to 10! You can carry on a long conversation. For instance, yesterday your paci fell underneath your crib. You came to tell me 'paci crib' and took my hand to show me where the paci was and that you couldn't reach it. You pointed and said 'down' {meaning her paci fell down}. So I was able to help you. You are incredibly vocal when you are happy, mad, determined or sad. It is a blessing but we are also learning what a quiet voice is. 

I about flipped when I walked through Von Maur this week and had to look in the 2T section. However, you are only 23 pounds! 30th percentile for weight and 70th for height. Still long and skinny. Your teeth have sure been coming in left and right! You wear your amber teething necklace pretty consistently and actually ask to wear sometimes. After we put it on you make sure to tell me it's 'pretty'! You now have 11 teeth. You are still wearing size 4 diapers.

Your sleeping pattern has been hit & miss these last few months. You always go to bed at the same time (8:30-9). During the week you are up around 7:30 and on the weekends we all sleep in! Once you wake up we bring you into Daddy and Mommy's bed so we can cuddle and make a fort under the covers. We have learned that when you get into a bad habit of waking up at night for no good reason, crying it out is the best. Some parent's probably don't agree but it's what works for us. You now take one nap around 12:30 and sleep for 2 hours or so. Mommy and Nanna still give you a bottle before you go to sleep. We have finally weaned you off of formula, now it's time to say bye to the bottle. I won't miss cleaning those things but I will miss that cuddle time before bed. You love your paci so much. You can it a 'pati'. You have also been carrying around 2 little blankets 'banky' right after you wake up from nap time or in the morning. 

Despite all my efforts to make you healthy food as a baby, you're just not that into it anymore! You jump up and down for PIZZA! and love your mac n cheese. Oh and you love popsicles which you call 'a pickle'. If we open the freezer, you automatically think you are getting a popsicle. You request 'apple jew'/apple juice. We are working on your manners and not throwing your food off the ground when you are done eating! You do not like to get messy when it comes to eating. You will hold out your hands and cry until someone cleans them off. 

You are a compassionate little thing. If you hit or hurt someone and they say ouchie, you will immediately go up and pat their back and say 'hi' to make sure they know you are there. Recently, you have been good at saying 'sowwie'/sorry. You are also getting good at saying 'love you!'. It melts my heart.

Life is never slow with you that is for sure. I thought I was busy when you were a newborn. I didn't see this coming! But it is so rewarding and I wouldn't change a thing. I savor the moments as best as I can.

monkey see, monkey do

We spent the entire day at the Wagner's house on Saturday. Steve and Erika are good friends of ours and their son, Henry, about the same age as Avery. So it was fun to have them play together. Henry's cousin, Wyatt, was also over for the day. We watched the Husker game, spent time outside and started up the fire pit once it became dark. It was a great start to this chilly fall weather we've been experiencing - my FAVORITE kind of weather!

Watching the kiddos play together was totally monkey see, monkey do. If Henry wanted to read a book, so did Avery. If Avery wanted to run up and down the hall, so did Hen. They spent the majority of the day mimicking one another. It was too cute. 

I made homemade pepperoni rolls for the game. They were delicious! So good I made a second batch the next day :)

Watching Thomas the Train

Playing playdough.

Ending the day with bath time together! Thanks again Wagner Family for letting us spend the day with you!


Other things we've been up to:

Enjoying evening walks with daddy. Daddy gets adventurous with Avery and they play on the swingsets. Mommy just likes to document.

Enjoying a family happy hour with Aunt Sissy & her roomie, Allie at Roja.

Do you think we got enough food?? I swear, I have never seen Avery eat as much as she does when we dine here.

Avery had her 18 month appointment on Friday - more on that later!

My office building had a Husker tailgate Friday evening. It was a blast!

We ended the night with car washing. Check out our big helper!

On Sunday, the weather was chilly and cloudy. But that didn't stop Avery & I from going to the park and neighborhood trails.

Walking Stick!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

luau style

Dinner club is officially back! Greg and I hosted the first dinner for the season - a luau! I'm glad we chose the theme we did; it felt like a luau with the heat we've been having {ps - damn this weather...where's fall?}. So Friday afternoon, Greg packed Avery up to spend the night in Lincoln while we enjoyed the company of some of our favorite friends. We sipped on sangria and dined on Hawaiian grilled chicken, pineapple ham and other yummy dishes. Our company stayed until 2AM! So much fun! Except all of us girls were feeling the effects of the sangria the next day! HA.

Saturday was another busy day. Greg had to work a party at the zoo, so I headed down to Lincoln to spend the day with my siblings tailgating for the Husker game. My brother, Jon, and I went to the game and were fortunate enough to sit in my company's skybox. Nothing like air conditioning and a buffet to make the game 10x better. 

Then on Sunday I celebrated Grandparents Day with my parents. Church, brunch and lounging was how we spent the day. I'd like to give a shout-out to all four of Avery's grandparents. You are the best! Even though I don't think any of you were expecting to be a grandparent so early, you do your job and you do it well. We love you! And of course Greg and I wouldn't be who and where we are today if it wasn't for our own grandparents. Thank you for being you!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day 2013

Our Labor Day was grand. It truly felt like a 3-day weekend. We were supposed to visit some family that was in town for the weekend but those plans fell through. So there was no traveling, no real set was a nice change of pace.

Friday was Sara & Chop's reception at the Omaha Press Club. On Saturday Greg, Avery and I did random things around the house. Greg worked a party at the zoo in the evening so Avery and I had a nice girl's night of swimming and pizza. On Sunday, Kristin and I took Avery to the zoo. We also took a long walk around Chalco Hills. 

And then on Labor Day, Greg got off work early and we drove down to Cedar Creek to spend the day at the Arias' house on the lake with our group of friends. It was the perfect way to spend the holiday. Not to mention, the Arias' daughter, Ashlyn, was born on the same day as Avery! So it was fun to see them squeal and play together.

Now bring on September..which means COOLER weather, football, and the start of everything FALL!

---- Leading up to Labor Day weekend... Kristin, Amy, Sara and Traci {not pictured} came over to help make decorations for the wedding reception. We had a fun night, even if it was last minute!

Our dishwasher also broke. But that was a blessing since Greg and I have complained about the darn thing since we moved in. So now we have a brand new dishwasher that actually cleans dishes...who knew they did such a thing?!