Wednesday, August 7, 2013


We continue to feel so blest by all of the wonderful events in our life...

Friday at True entertainment!

On another note, I must blog about this topic so I remember when it happened and what we did to fix it.... for the past month Avery has been sleeping awful. Waking up at least once or twice a night. But this past week, it's been bad. Bad to the point of waking up every hour screaming and crying for someone to come to her room {and saying 'outside' again and again}. The problem is that she can't soothe herself back to sleep unless someone is physically in her room either rubbing her back, rocking her or even sitting in her glider. 

Greg and I have brainstormed every possible reason this could be happening {sickness, teeth, night terrors, seperation anxiety..etc} but I've found that it's a pretty common stage at this age. And we have tried pretty much every single thing you could think of to get her back to sleep on her own {bottle of water in bed, less/more toys in her crib, lullaby music at night, door open, etc...} and nothing seems to make it better. So after talking with parents and Nanna, we've decided the best way to handle this is the 'cry it out' method.

Dear lord - it's a hard one to do. Any parent that has had to listen to your baby scream and cry for hours at night know what I'm talking about. However, the first night we did it was very rough. Last night {the second night} was rough but better than the night before. I am interested to see what tonight is like. But regardless of the amount of sleep she gets, she still wakes up happy and ready to start the day! I must note that Avery has always been a wonderful sleeper. So this lack of sleep is a nuisance to our household. I will have to document when this ends and whether or not this method works. 

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