Thursday, August 29, 2013

mommy tip #3

When sickness enters your baby's world, it just plain sucks. You feel awful about how miserable they feel and at the same time you are sleep deprived and frustrated. If you are like me, you just want something to take away the pain. The problem with that is until your little one is 2 years old, there's really nothing a doctor can - if it's a virus. 

This past year Avery has had a few viral infections in her throat. This momma thinks it coincides with teething but the doctor disagrees. Regardless, I have found a 'natural' medicine at Target that I would highly recommend:

Zarbee's Cough Medicine. The main ingredient: honey. The honey works as a 'coating' for the irritated throat. Plus, honey is a wonderful medicine for both children and adults. If you are unfamiliar with the health benefits of pure honey, I suggest looking into it! Avery loves this stuff! If I don't have any on hand and sense a cold coming on, I mix honey and apple juice, warm it up and she always like that. And as you can see on the back label, the medicine can be used for more than just a sore throat.

Have a baby younger than 12 months old? (Also, babies under the age of 1 cannot have honey. The bacteria in honey can cause a fatal illness) Zarbee's make a baby version using agave nectar. As the fall and flu season approaches, this mom will have Zarbee's on hand.

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