Sunday, August 18, 2013

mommy tip #2

Homeade Baby Food
I knew from the beginning of my pregnancy that I would choose to make all of Avery's baby food homemade. I'd say about 90% of what she ate was prepared freshly out of our kitchen. We had the organic food pouches in her diaper bag out of convenience if we were out and about but that was it. I spent hours steambathing squashes in the oven, peeling mangos, avocados and apples and pureeing carrots, cauliflower and bananas. 

But I knew the end result would all be worth it. I am not a fan of jarred/canned foods {or really anything that has a shelf life of years}. Greg and I don't eat those kinds of foods and I didn't want Avery to either. Nothing personal, just not for me. Another reason I wanted to make Avery's baby food homemade was so that she would acquire a liking for various fruits and veggies - textures, taste and all. Greg and I don't always eat the healthiest, but when we do, we like to use a lot of vegetables.

Avery did great with all of her baby food. I was proud to tell people about the foods she liked. I had visions of her being our little 'foodie' when she hit her toddler years and continuing to love all of the healthy foods she ate when she was a baby.

Let's fast forward to present day - Avery became so darn picky about fruits and veggies. SO picky. She will refuse to try another that has the appearance of being a veggie. For instance, the other night I put fresh corn on her plate {had butter, s&p..nothing fancy}. The minute it went on her tray she threw it all off onto the floor. I have even tried to disguise veggies in things but she spits them out and sets them aside. Through trial and error, I have some to realize she is more willing to try a veggie if it's been roasted in the oven.

So - to conclude my mommy tip, just because you feed your baby homemade baby food doesn't necessarily guarantee a gourmet palate as they grow. Would I go back and use jarred food knowing what I do now? Absolutely not. I just wanted to share my experience with this for any mommies on the fence about making homemade baby food.

Oh, and no need to go out and spend lots of money on an expensive puree machine for baby food. Your blender or food processor will work just fine. I purchased a baby bullet and it broke a few months after I started using it.

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