Thursday, August 29, 2013

mommy tip #3

When sickness enters your baby's world, it just plain sucks. You feel awful about how miserable they feel and at the same time you are sleep deprived and frustrated. If you are like me, you just want something to take away the pain. The problem with that is until your little one is 2 years old, there's really nothing a doctor can - if it's a virus. 

This past year Avery has had a few viral infections in her throat. This momma thinks it coincides with teething but the doctor disagrees. Regardless, I have found a 'natural' medicine at Target that I would highly recommend:

Zarbee's Cough Medicine. The main ingredient: honey. The honey works as a 'coating' for the irritated throat. Plus, honey is a wonderful medicine for both children and adults. If you are unfamiliar with the health benefits of pure honey, I suggest looking into it! Avery loves this stuff! If I don't have any on hand and sense a cold coming on, I mix honey and apple juice, warm it up and she always like that. And as you can see on the back label, the medicine can be used for more than just a sore throat.

Have a baby younger than 12 months old? (Also, babies under the age of 1 cannot have honey. The bacteria in honey can cause a fatal illness) Zarbee's make a baby version using agave nectar. As the fall and flu season approaches, this mom will have Zarbee's on hand.

Monday, August 26, 2013

so long, sweet summer

At this point in the season I like to say adios, good riddance, and see ya later to summer time. Don't get me wrong, it has been a good summer. But once August hits, I am done. The fall candles start to show up in stores and I start to dream about bonfires, the pumpkin patch, hot cocoa.... and then the fun sweaters and boots are found everywhere and I have visions about new outfits for both me and Aves. I love me some fall time. Everything about it gets me excited. 

Although we have been busy these past couple of weeks, we really haven't done anything blog-worthy. We managed to squeeze in a taco ride with the Wagners on a beautiful fall-like evening. Avery had a yucky virus this past weekend - wouldn't eat or drink anything and had a high temp. Earlier in the week I had a fun girls night with happy hour and seeing Rebecca Rosen. We've also been trying to get out to Chalco for some exercise. Just livin' life!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

mommy tip #2

Homeade Baby Food
I knew from the beginning of my pregnancy that I would choose to make all of Avery's baby food homemade. I'd say about 90% of what she ate was prepared freshly out of our kitchen. We had the organic food pouches in her diaper bag out of convenience if we were out and about but that was it. I spent hours steambathing squashes in the oven, peeling mangos, avocados and apples and pureeing carrots, cauliflower and bananas. 

But I knew the end result would all be worth it. I am not a fan of jarred/canned foods {or really anything that has a shelf life of years}. Greg and I don't eat those kinds of foods and I didn't want Avery to either. Nothing personal, just not for me. Another reason I wanted to make Avery's baby food homemade was so that she would acquire a liking for various fruits and veggies - textures, taste and all. Greg and I don't always eat the healthiest, but when we do, we like to use a lot of vegetables.

Avery did great with all of her baby food. I was proud to tell people about the foods she liked. I had visions of her being our little 'foodie' when she hit her toddler years and continuing to love all of the healthy foods she ate when she was a baby.

Let's fast forward to present day - Avery became so darn picky about fruits and veggies. SO picky. She will refuse to try another that has the appearance of being a veggie. For instance, the other night I put fresh corn on her plate {had butter, s&p..nothing fancy}. The minute it went on her tray she threw it all off onto the floor. I have even tried to disguise veggies in things but she spits them out and sets them aside. Through trial and error, I have some to realize she is more willing to try a veggie if it's been roasted in the oven.

So - to conclude my mommy tip, just because you feed your baby homemade baby food doesn't necessarily guarantee a gourmet palate as they grow. Would I go back and use jarred food knowing what I do now? Absolutely not. I just wanted to share my experience with this for any mommies on the fence about making homemade baby food.

Oh, and no need to go out and spend lots of money on an expensive puree machine for baby food. Your blender or food processor will work just fine. I purchased a baby bullet and it broke a few months after I started using it.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

girls weekend

Greg went down to St. Louis this past weekend for his annual Cardinals baseball trip with his dad and brothers so Avery and I had the weekend to spend with one another - a girls weekend!

We played outside, attended the JDRF with my office, traveled to Lincoln to spend time with my family, went to the farmers market, swam and went on many walks with Charlie {the dog}.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

mommy tip #1

I am by no means an expert on mommy stuff {heck, I've only had one kid!}. BUT I thought it would be kind of fun to share advice that I have learned along the way. So here's my first mommy tip:

The First Meet & Greet
It is so fun to visit a mommy in the hospital after she has had a baby. Whether it is her first or her fifth, it's always nice to bring a little gift for the first meet and greet.

For a very close friend, this is what I like to give:
Pottery Barn Kids, Nursery Critter Wrap Bathtowel - $29.50

I love these good-quality towels that can be used up until 2 years old. Many different animals and colors to choose from. This is one gift that you know will receive lots of use. Have I mentioned how well they wash up?

For everyone else {co-worker, acquaintance, etc} I like to give a book. Although not as personal, it's still thoughtful and will also get lots of use throughout the years.  Easy to grab in a hurry and affordable. If there are other siblings at the hospital, they can take turns reading to the babe.


We continue to feel so blest by all of the wonderful events in our life...

Friday at True entertainment!

On another note, I must blog about this topic so I remember when it happened and what we did to fix it.... for the past month Avery has been sleeping awful. Waking up at least once or twice a night. But this past week, it's been bad. Bad to the point of waking up every hour screaming and crying for someone to come to her room {and saying 'outside' again and again}. The problem is that she can't soothe herself back to sleep unless someone is physically in her room either rubbing her back, rocking her or even sitting in her glider. 

Greg and I have brainstormed every possible reason this could be happening {sickness, teeth, night terrors, seperation anxiety..etc} but I've found that it's a pretty common stage at this age. And we have tried pretty much every single thing you could think of to get her back to sleep on her own {bottle of water in bed, less/more toys in her crib, lullaby music at night, door open, etc...} and nothing seems to make it better. So after talking with parents and Nanna, we've decided the best way to handle this is the 'cry it out' method.

Dear lord - it's a hard one to do. Any parent that has had to listen to your baby scream and cry for hours at night know what I'm talking about. However, the first night we did it was very rough. Last night {the second night} was rough but better than the night before. I am interested to see what tonight is like. But regardless of the amount of sleep she gets, she still wakes up happy and ready to start the day! I must note that Avery has always been a wonderful sleeper. So this lack of sleep is a nuisance to our household. I will have to document when this ends and whether or not this method works. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

my best friend's wedding

Last Wednesday, Greg & I {along with 40 other people} boarded a plane to Jamaica for a week to celebrate Sara and Chop {Jesse} tying the knot. We had waited about 9 months for this trip and were so excited it was finally here.

In short: we had the time of our lives. We stayed at Couples Resort in Negril and it was great. So many activities to do. We kayaked, paddleboarded, learned to stir a hobie boat, took a glass bottom boat tour and Greg played numerous games of beach volleyball. And the food? The food was amazing. Lots of jerk sauce, goat cheese and callaloo {sauteed spinach}. My favorite restaurant at the resort, Patois, served wood-fired pizzas and yummy entrees. As an entire group, we went to Rick's Cafe for drinks and cliff diving. I was too chicken to jump but my hubby effortlessly dove from a 35-foot cliff and jumped off of the 25-foot one. 

My favorite part of the resort was the ocean/beach. Clear blue water and white sand. We spent many afternoons on a raft with a drink in hand on the water. We loved the atmosphere of the resort. It felt so quaint and every room was literally a few steps from the beach. The attitude that comes from Jamaica is contagious. That laid-back, no worries feel is exactly what vacation is all about. 

Sara and Chop's wedding was even more beautiful than I had imagined. They chose the garden at the resort versus the beach so it was intimate. It rained an hour before the wedding, stopped during their vows {with a little thunder in the background} and after the wedding the rain came down again. I will never forget all 43 of us piling into a little gazebo and watching it pour. We made the most of the rain by toasting with many bottles of champagne as we waited for dinner. Sara looked gorgeous as did the wedding party. I loved that they wrote their own vows to one another. Not a dry eye in the crowd!

Going through photos of the week and reminiscing about the memories made already makes me miss the fun times with had with everyone. Yes everyone! Sara and Chop have amazing friends and seeing everyone travel thousands of miles to see them get married is a true testament to the kind of people they are and how much they mean to everyone.

Congrats to Mr & Mrs Elder! After being best friends for over 20 years, it's sure going to be weird saying a new last name! We cannot wait til the reception at the end of the month. Now I gotta get going on that speech of mine!!

Oh, and if anyone is wondering where Avery was the entire time - Greg's parents came up to Omaha to spend the week with her. She had a blast and was in good hands.