Monday, July 1, 2013

Livin' on Summertime

It has taken me a couple of weeks, but here I am! We are livin' on summertime around here - which means lots of swimming, grilling, biking, gardening..basically anything outside. So far this summer has had beautiful weather and we are taking every opportunity we can to be outdoors. I love the feeling of not turning on the TV until Avery is in bed. I feel so much more productive. 

In other news - I am attempting to find a way to get a password on my blog. So those that follow me on facebook or know me personally would still be able to access the blog. Not sure how to do it yet. When I find the time to research, I will. 

Here is what the Haus fam has been up to in the past couple of weeks:

CWS for Father's Day 2013!

Tailgating with the Wagner's.

Still lovin Lenny the Lemur.

15 Month Appointment - still long and skinny!

Loves to play with play-dough.

Avery's first trip to the Valentino's Grand Italian buffet - a Lincoln, NE staple.

We turned Avery's carseat the 'big girl' way. She loves it.

Celebrating Sara's 27th birthday with the Taco Ride.

Chop & Sara's housewarming party! Can't wait to spend a vacay with this crazy bunch!

Soooo looking forward to the rest of this month - Okoboji, Sara's Bachelorette and JAMAICA!

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